Pray For The United States of America

I hope I didn’t give the impression that the national piggy bank is stuffed with mouldy hundred dollar bills, just waiting to be spent. The wealth is there, but so far, politicians – including Mr Trump – would rather borrow money to cover their spending plans. However, we may see, at some point, the Progressives discover how their explicitly Marxist ancestors proposed to finance their plans: seize the wealth from those who have it.

Pray, yes, but arm yourself. The war is here. A fascist takeover has taken place overnight. Parents treated like terrorists for protecting their kids, forced medical procedures upon pain of loss of job and freedom to travel, conservative speech suppressed and silenced by Nazi Democrats, border flung wide open.

4 months ago the mod here attacked me about civility. He has no clue that fascism is at his doorstep. He wants to be nice to Satan. Those days are over. No more reaching across the aisle. No more compromise. The Radical Fascist Democrats must be eradicated and treated like the vermin they are. They are the enemy of humanity and Liberty.




Yes, it’s a war, but we have to fight it intelligently.

Language like ‘eradicate’ just plays straight into the hands of the enemy.

We need to win as much of the broad middle away from the Left as possible. This sort of language alienates them.

And there is a broad middle: the US is not just divided into conscious patriots, on one side, and Progressive America-haters on the other.

Notice how Biden’s approval ratings have plunged, due to things like the debacle in Afghanistan. People who a few months ago would say they approved of his performance, when questioned by poll-takers, now say they don’t. It’s those people – and there are tens of millions of them – that we have to aim at.

In any war, there are weak allies, and neutrals. We have to work to make neutrals into (possibly-weak) allies, and weak allies of the enemy, into neutrals.

And a three-way division doesn’t really capture the full reality. There can be neutrals who are officially neutral, but unofficially friendly to one side. Franco’s Spain was neutral in the Second World War, but friendly to Nazi Germany. Ireland was neutral, but friendly to the Allies. Each provided aid, sometimes undercover, to the side it favored.

That’s what war is like. We have to act like we’re at war, which means we have to be disciplined in what we say and do.

And: there will not be some great confrontation, in which we win America back, and the other side evaporates or returns to being a tiny minority. That is not going to happen.

They control the ‘cultural apparatus’: the schools, the private charitable foundations, the universities, the media. They have a natural base of tens of millions of people who look to the government for their income. The big corporations, who in the past were natural allies of the Right, have gone ‘global’, and know that the Left no longer really care about the working class, nationalization, etc. So they’re gone.

The hardcore Progressives are not stupid. Their more stupid, extreme members openly hate the police and military. Their more intelligent people understand that you have to bore from within these institutions, take them over, turn them into weapons of the Left. Which is what they’re doing.

On our side, yes, arm yourselves, organize, prepare for whatever form the coming collapse will take.

But America is gone.

The principles around which it was founded may be the inspiration for a new nation, but that nation will have to be peopled, in its great majority, by those who actually believe in those principles.

About a third of the American population is sympathetic to them, and some of the middle third may come along, depending on events.

But there is never going to be a solid majority of patriots within the boundaries of the US again. We have to face reality.

And if what you have laid out is true, we are lost. There are no moderate Republicans who are going to fire up the base enough to win the presidency. Romney was a prime example. In the end, he really stands for nothing.

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And there isn’t a majority of anti-patriots who want to destroy the structure, culture and economy of America. The Russian Revolution and the Third Reich were brought to victory by a small minority of zealots.

The anti-patriots are viewed through the magnifying glass of MSM and Social Media. Politicians ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE are being led around by their noses by an army of talking-heads, pajama-boys and radical educators. BOTH SIDES need more leaders with backbone: MTG, DeSantis, Rand Paul, Trump on the right … Kyrsten Sinema and Tulsi Gabbard are examples on the left.


Never telegraph your punches. :innocent:

Well, we’ll see. I’m not optimistic about reversing the rot, but I could be wrong. I hope so.

The revolutionaries in the Russian Revolution had plenty of mass support, by the way. (This is not in opposition to what you said, but a clarification.)

It’s true the Bolsheviks were, originally, not a large party. However, they were not just a tiny sect, but even within the Marxist movement in Russia, they were outnumbered by the more moderate Mensheviks, and both parties were outnumbered by the peasant-based Socialist Revolutionaries. (Actual supporters of the Czar, once the official government structure was cracked open by the mass upheaval in February of 1917, were very few.)

But the Bolsheviks were smart. After a premature attempt in July 1917 at overturning the Provisional Government that emerged to lead Russia after the Czar fell – which they may not have actually instigated anyway – they kept their heads down, and then, a couple of months later, took the lead in stopping an attempt by a Russian general to overturn the ineffective Provisional Government.

Then, they overturned it themselves, but not in their own name. They did so, officially, in order to give all political power to the ‘Soviets’, the popular councils of workers and soldiers (who were peasants in uniform). These Soviets had been, effectively, a ‘dual power’, parallel to the liberal-dominated Provisional Governement, and, in fact, commanding the loyality of most workers and soldiers.

And they ended up in an alliance with the Left wing of the Socialist Revolutionary Party (who weren’t really socialists at all, but represented peasants who wanted to divide the landlords’ land.)

When there were actual elections to a Constituent Assembly, they got about 25% of the vote … they were very popular in the big cities. The Socialist Revolutionaries got another large percentage, although the SR’s who were on the ballot had been chosen to represent the party months before and were probably not representative of the actual feeling of the SR ranks, who had moved to Left during the intervening months. (The “Left SR’s” were in alliance with the Bolsheviks at that time.)

So I think the Russian Revolution … at first. . was about like the American one …a large minority for the revolution, a large minority against, and another minority in the middle. Historical accidents, events, determined how the broad middle went. In fact I believe this is true of all revolutions, right and left. After the revolutionaries succeed (if they do), then the broad middle drifts towards them and they can claim majority support, or at least toleration … provided things don’t go too badly. (The Bolsheviks would certainly have lost any fair election by 1921, even one within the Soviets. But by then they had sufficient state power to hold on, and maneuver a bit by permitting a limited return of capitalism.)

If General Kornilov had not tried to overturn the Kerensky government (in August, I think), the Bolsheviks would not have been able to so quickly emerge from disgrace and semi-legality as the best fighters against counter-revolution.

If Kerensky had not insisted on pursuing war with the Germans, when the Russian army was falling apart and incapable of fighting, he would not have lost support among the ranks of the soldiers.

The Bolsheviks won because they had a hard, disciplined party (although this should not be exaggerated … the totalitarianism came later … during 1917 you could be a Bolshevik leader and openly disagree with Lenin, even openly disagree with the seizure of power, and nothing would happen to you).

But they really won because they had a very able leader in Lenin, who made smart moves in response to events, and who was not afraid to do whatever he saw as necessary to take and hold power. If this meant signing a peace with Germany that gave the Germans a big chunk of Russia, he did it. If it meant effectively giving the go-ahead to executing the Czar and all his children and his doctor and his servants, he did it. And he led a party that could act effectively.

Patriots could learn a lot from studying actual revolutions and civil wars, starting with the Russian one.

We need a conservative ‘Lenin’ today, along with a patriotic organization that is hard-core, committed, disciplined, and knows how to bide its time, growing slowly at the local level when necessary, but then able to move decisively when events fall out that justify this.

When you don’t have this, you get things like the 6 January fiasco, a huge gift to the Left. Which is, unfortunately, where we are now.

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Okay now you’re stepping way over the line ma’am. Change a couple of words and you sound remarkably like them. “The conservative christian republicans must be eradicated and treated like the vermin they are. they are the enemy of socialism and ice cream”

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They may not be the majority yet, but the public school system is teaching them that being an anti-patriot is the right thing to do. Children are very malleable; they believe a fat man in a red suit comes down their chimney to deliver presents. This is why liberals have been targeting children since like, the 1950’s maybe earlier. 70 years later it paid off big time.

We once taught kids to be proud to be Americans. Now we teach them to be proud if they’re not white, and/or proud if they’re gay. … proud if they’re vaccinated too now I guess.


No, I don’t think she’s way over the line. I take her use of “eradicated” to mean removed from public office, schools and government bureaucracies; not violence. The fascists really are genuine enemies of We the People. They spew their hate at decent Americans who only want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They will use any means to achieve their ends.

Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire

I take the word eradicated as eradicated. I’m not trying to disrespect trumpgirl or something, just when you start throwing around words like “eradicate” you’re beginning to sound like the people we are fighting against.

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The schools were not propaganda centers in the 1950s, except perhaps for Americanism. Columbus, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were still revered. Russia and communism were the enemies.

The wide-spread hate for American ideals got trashed in the colleges in the 1960s during the Vietnam War era. The cancer got started there and then spread down into the education system. Today it might well be a terminal disease for freedom and democracy.

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Thought Police (思想警察, Shisō Keisatsu) comes to mind. Can Word Police be far behind? Just sayin’ :disappointed:

Come on. If I told you that we must exterminate all liberals that wouldn’t make you pause at all?

I’m all for dividing the USA into two halves and letting the libs have one and us the other. But I’m not down to exterminate them.

exterminate = synonym for: eradicate

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Let’s Go Brandon!

The list may be long … :mask:

You want American on American bloodshed? You do realize far left groups are arming black folks, socialist radicals. Groups like redneck revolt spend alot of money just buying guns for people who would side with them in a SHTF scenario. You think you’ll win because you have the guns but you have to remember the relative age of the GOP voter in relation to the Dem voter. The fact the army is split 50/50 partisan might help slowdown a bloodbath by installing a moderate technocracy. Give the working class dignity and you won’t have to do anything stupid. Both parties court the ultra rich but only one is in a position to throw them under the bus yours. Trump could declare by decree a baseline floor for wages for a family of X or a household of Y, the senate and house would fall in line.

I am believing giving power back to the states might be the only way to avoid all out war.

That could be a solution, but the “progressives” will never allow it. They want total control of everything and every person.

With state control, you would have some power over your life. Now, whatever California demands, the country does it eventually. Just think about it. Mask mandates, sky high taxes, ridiculous environmental regulations and most of their politicians end up controlling everything. The Speaker of the House and the Vice President are from California. The Speaker is the most evil person in government and the Vice President would be dumbest if it were not for Biden, who has dementia.

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Why must you dehumanize your opponents?
I have never thought Mitch McConnel and Trump were anything but corporate shills, it’s not a matter of Good or Evil with them just money… money for their rich friends. Females without a college education swung away from Trump in 2020 the only demographic to swing away that hard. You guys have to max out the white vote, Urban Poor, Female Caucasian Poor, they are moving away from your party, and no one is moving towards your party at the moment. You are simply a reactionary force no core values outside of the senate and house cabal to push tax cuts for the ultra wealthy. We subsidize big business we beg them not to send jobs overseas. Ross Perot was right.