Pray For The United States of America

Your people in the senate have not asked in Good faith. No bill has been introduced no think tank wants to touch this mega corporations don’t want two America’s more legal headaches.

Why? Because she is a very bad person. If you don’t like that opinion, lump it.

She is a dishonest, deceitful, hypocritical person who hates or disrespects most Americans as much as I dislike her. I have watched her for years, and never seen anything to admire.

No core values? I stand for freedom. If you don’t like those values, which it is obvious that you don’t, once more you can lump it. I’ve studied socialism and have learned that it promises a great deal and delivers very little. Between the Chinese Communists and the Soviet Union, over 100 million people have died because of it. It has failed on all counts.

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Freedom to change gender? Freedom to shoot heroin? Freedom to balloon up to 650lbs? Freedom to engage in sex work?

How about Freedom from abusive drug addicted parents? What about Freedom from Monopolistic Vulture Capitalist Corporations? What about freedom from the slavery of racial and gender prejudice? What about freedom from pollution?

How is your freedom different from mine. It’s just a jingoistic word everyone throws around it means nothing. Anti-Maskers see freedom from wearing a mask, Pro-maskers see freedom from Coronavirus.

Again tell me who is talking of seizing the means of production? Where are the 5 year plans? Why is Amazon & Target donating to AOC and Bernie? Where the the communist youth league? Dare you be guilty of hyperbole?

You are behind the times, or maybe are you being dense on purpose, @Unitedwestand. The new socialism is the Chinese model, which is really fascism. The government forces and awards corporations to do their bidding. In exchange the complaint get fat and rich while those who don’t tow the line are expected to fail.

The Soviet Union tried the old ownership of production and five year play thing, and managed to go into bankruptcy despite that the fact that it took goods from its slave labor force. The only people who did well in the Soviet Union were the ruling class who held high government positions.

Government officials get wealthy under the system you advocate, @Unitedwestand. Just look at Nancy Pelosi. She’s worth over $300 million. Not bad for someone who is drawing down $200 thousand a year. Obama did well enough to buy a billionaire’s estate on Martha’s Vineyard, who can’t forget the ultimate proletarian hero, Bernie Sanders. He’s up to four houses now, including some lakefront property. Of course the Biden and Clinton crime families are doing well too. There’s a lot money to be made selling government influence.

Why are Amazon and Target donating to Bernie and AOC? I just gave you your answer.

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Hell yeah as long as you don’t force me to say those are all normal.

Yeah I can see your lib-tarded-ness shining through with this underhanded comment.

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1 He didn’t. He merely called them out on their nefariousness, and gave his opinion on their demonstrated intellect.

2 Must have missed where conservatives were trying to ban obesity. As to the rest, that’s license, not liberty. And all are enslaving, not freeing.

3 This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that the left is working hard to legalize mind-altering drugs (as you yourself appear to have advocated when you said above: “Freedom to shoot heroin?”).
4 We’d have that freedom if we had a free market. Which the left resists.
5 Can’t be achieved by government, and any such attempt has frightening results, as we’re seeing with CRT, the 1619 Project, and other such rubbish.
6 It would be great, but it won’t happen, and government’s ostensive attempts to deal with it are largely hurting us. It’s also hypocrisy for the Dems to scream about pollution in the U.S. while turning a blind eye to China.

7 Indirectly, they’re already exerting control, or attempting to. I don’t know what came of it, but Obama tried to prevent Boeing from moving part of its production to a right-to-work state. And with their environmental rules, the Dems have been picking which businesses they want to succeed.
8 Build Back “Better;” at least near enough.
9 I’d say you answered your own question.
10 Antifa, anyone?
11 Not by that much, he isn’t.


Yep, freedom and human rights are now “jingoism.” You can see where the left is headed now. Soon it will be fashionable to send all of those who disagree with them to jail. They will call those concentration camps “retraining centers.” That’s nothing new. The Chinese Communists do it now, and the old Soviet Union was the same.

All of this this makes me wonder, what does the far-left utopia look like? What is their idea of the perfect society? Glen Beck said that their goal, sponsored by the United Nations and now endorsed by the Biden administration, is to end all rights to private property by 2030. We will all be propertyless serfs and “infinitely happy.” :two_hearts:

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Don’t forget that all libs believe the only reason communism hasn’t succeeded is because their particular brand hasn’t been implemented yet. This guy is just enjoying himself seeing what opposing opinions look like before they are shut down forever, which the left is striving for.

“Jingoism” is their new boogeyman term I suppose? Without wide open borders, the USA is being jingoistic. :rofl:

As long as you’re not infringing on anyone else’s rights and following the law, I believe the government should leave you alone. Democrats believe the government should dictate absolutely everything you say, think, or do, from cradle to grave. This is because democrats live in perpetual fear.

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This is a hard hell no.

Sweden is like doing fine. You guys are really the new liberals backing whoredom and obesity. With a pee tape president how fare you have fallen. We are the new Bushites trying to find decency and dignity.

Calling opponents evil is intellectual cool story bro.

I’m a social conservative for the most part. You guys are to the left of us on absolutism in choice ie antivaxxers you’ll pave the way for greater degeneracy.

Hate drugs took my cousin 19 days ago to the day. I wanna shoot pushers legalize shooting pushers like durate did hes a far left type in the Philippines.

We have had free markets since Reagan and my generation has paid the price. The boomers did better because conservatives like Reagan did price controls.

It seems like everyone’s dog was taken by critical race theory everyones just moaning about a college electoral storming school boards where its not even taught.

none of this is socialism or communism. No year 5 year plan, no Seizing the means of production the S&P 500 and Dow Jones continue to surge under both parties. We have Corpratism.

… and re-distribute my money through taxation to promote and subsidize these things.

Vaya con Dios, don’t hit me, don’t steal my stuff and we’re all good.

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Dang. I believe you either have several personalities or maybe you are several different people using the same account. I see that you feel very strongly about something, but I don’t know what it is. You seem to be all over the place. :expressionless:

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I don’t conform to either party ok. I tend to agree with Democrats more than republicans. If the American Solidarity Party had a shot I’d go with it. They are economically far left and socially Centrist. Their economic welfare is built on equity and ownership not hand outs. The only left social issue I agree with is being Pro Choice. I’m pro Choice to 16 weeks. I think gay people should be allowed to cohabitate, but don’t call it marriage. I think the vaccine should be mandatory (civil fines). I’m a Christian Democrat (think Germany’s Christian Democratic Union) with Social Democratic/Syndicalist (think SYRIZA in greece) Views.

I’m reminded of the cartoon that shows a guy with a giant fork labeled “socialism” sticking it into an giant electrical outlet labeled “economy.” Another guy is saying: “This isn’t a good idea.” The guy with the fork says: “It just hasn’t been tried right yet…”


I can’t even make sense of your grammar in these four quotes.



Yes, “Hogwash.”

We get the liberals here who say the don’t belong to any party and nibble around edges about positions they don’t like that their leaders have taken in an effort to suck us in.

Yet the message is always the same. The Democrats are right; you people are a bunch of reactionary jerks who are Trump-bots; and you need to join us and vote Democrat.

None of it is going to change any minds here. That’s especially true since all of the wheels have fallen off the Biden - Pelosi wagon. All they have is the ability to ram their legislation and regulations down our throats and drag their wheel-less wagon along. That is obviously a potent weapon, but we will never follow them willingly to support their program to destroy America.

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“Program” now, I suspect “pogrom” later.

Do you have anyone to offer in 2024 except Trump or an acolyte?
Then you might be a Trumpbot.
I think we won’t vote Republican because no matter how we detest the Democratic party we detest Republicans more. Were at the point of voting against what we hate more.

Yes, there are lots of them.

Tim Scott from South Carolina, who happens to be Black.
Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota
Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas
Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida, who is my current favorite.

As I have posted in the past, Trump would be close to the bottom for me in a Republican primary vote because of his demeanor.