Pray For The United States of America

These two are nice, genuine folk.

No, I do not want “American on American” bloodshed. Or bloodshed of anyone on anyone.

But i do see that the American nation is coming apart, because the ruling elite have decided – why, I do not know – to destroy it. They probably don’t think they’re doing this, but they are: teaching its children to despise it, eliminating merit-based admissions because certain racial groups that they rely on for votes don’t do as well on them as others, hollowing out the police force, politicizing the military, opening the borders.

Now … I have no idea what is going to happen to this country, especially given its world-embracing posture. But what I do know is that, as Chairman Mao said, political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Our enemies know this. Therefore …

Patriots can disagree about minimum wage, social security, national health care, school prayer, affirmative action … I personally am closer to being an FDR/JFK Democrat, with libertarian leanings, than anything else. But these differences are meaningless if our country falls apart, which it is in the process of doing.

Patriots must unite, and organize at the local level, seeking to build neighborhood defense teams, as broadly based as possible. If you would have peace, prepare … etc.

What we should do, if we can build a strong national network, will depend on events. Anyone who tries to overthrow a government which, in the eyes of the majority, is legitimate, is a fool. Anyone who advocates doing that, or effectively tries to get patriots to act as if that is their aim, is probably an agent provocateur.

So we must be legal and peaceful, gentle as doves and wise as serpents. But we had better organize.

Then you do not realize what the media did to this man. He uncovered what the communists and subversives were doing to this nation. And he was right. You should talk to people who knew him but those are no doubt few and far between. He has not been done right by the history of the left of course.


Good I would never shoot an American ever under any pretense. I’d sooner accept Federalization (states rights). I’d sooner leave than goto war. Hang out in the national forrest till it dies down.

Mccarthy almost ruined the militaries creditability fighting communism under project verona.

So you wanna know who to thank next time you run into a school meeting shouting stuff thank the military for your right to do that.

I actually knew him, he was a friend of the family. I was only 5 years old so I can’t provide much insight other than he was a nice man.

Like St. Patrick, he drove the snakes out. Unfortunately they slithered into our institutions of higher learning and began it’s corruption.

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what do you know.

To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Now one must ask what does it matter? What one person knows another knows different. This why some steal and why others give. Everyones got an agenda. Everyone thinks they know how they can fix things. Some people know enough to know when, while others don’t.

I Posit
What do any of us know given our finite ability to store facts and opinions in route memory?


I know you’re here to teach us better or something, but you seem to be at odds with yourself. You preach to us about how wrong we are for being right-wing, yet you espouse ideas that most would consider right wing. I’m not asking you to pick a side, but take a step back and look at who you’re fighting against.

Whether you like it or not, or whether you choose to acknowledge it, the democrats are 150% pro homosexual in every aspect of our lives. Not only that, but pro-furry, and pro everything else that used to be considered taboo and wrong. From where I stand, you are aligned with the great gay takeover of society. You don’t support gay rights, you actually support gay supremacy. Society has given the gays a free pass in that now they never have to suffer persecution, never have to be belittled, never have to feel negative feelings; unlike the rest of us. If someone hurts my feelings I need to find a way to get over it; if someone hurts a gay’s feelings they are automatically entitled to recompense, revenge, and doling out jail sentences. It’s actually a big deal. Yet I’ve seen you denigrate gay people?

Your ideas about vigilante justice and pro-violence don’t seem to be very liberal IMO. In the anti-military mind set of libs violence is not even included in the solution list. Unless it’s violence against conservatives and white people I guess those seem to be justified. You do seem to be anti military, yet without a military how do you surmise your communist utopia will continue to exist?

You’re pro-communism yet anti-police? I hate to break it to you, but in a communist society the police will play a much greater role than they do now. You say you don’t like cops, but the cops will be the nannies enforcing all the rules in your great society. Your interactions with the police will be much more frequent and much less enjoyable.

Pro-choice up to 16 weeks? Why up to 16 weeks? That’s not very woke, you need to support all of it or none of it like the rest of your party.

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Never said I was communist not once. Never have used that word to describe myself in my life ever. We spend so much on police and prisons and so little on recovery. I’m the kind of person to say let them kill themselves, kill em or help them recover. It’s barbaric I know. Sometimes a good asskicking is better than a night behind bars.

My wife said that is when she felt our son was alive. I trust her she has no reason to lie to me.

I think the local police and I have come to an understand where we let each other do as we please.

Your party it’s economic policies are awful. Ok my views Sweden if it were socially conservative or Germany’s CDU or Greece’s SYRIZA. My one thing that will get alot of conservatives upset is my video games and rock music yes I’m 34 and I’m still very much alive. White Zombie Dayz I fear they wouldn’t pass a censorship test so I’m an absolutist on the 1st. As far as the 2nd I am a proud gun owner. I’m lucky enough to live on the edge of the metro that doesn’t have high drug usage rates. I had to ask my cousin to leave my home as he started using harder stuff he went to the south side of the city and overdosed a month later it broke my heart. I know what drugs do. I’ve had family members that were heavy drinkers. I did smoke marijuana when I was in college it gave me panic attacks. I greatly regret that. I think the Democratic party is too far economically Centrist Manchin and Sinema just blew a hole in a social package that would expand the EITC. Obama care was hollow it was cooked up by a right wing think tank in 1989. Every president we have had since 1980 has been Reagan with different social issues. I plan to vote democratic except for president I plan to Vote American Solidarity Party as it is an option for me. Thirdly if the Republican party switched issues with the Democrats on the economy I’d be there in a heart beat. I wanted to see that happen with Trump as he pushed for universal healthcare after the attempted repeal the party fought him.

Michigan is a tough state, were broke, bitter, and a little violent. We have beautiful beaches, great people, and great food (in the summer). I swear if you ever piss the locals off it isn’t fun. I’ve seen Florida more tolerant towards drunk idiots on the pier.

@Unitedwestand is an example of someone who probably raised as a Democrat and got more indoctrination when he went to college. Now he’s beginning to see that the Democrats don’t reflect his values, but he’s doggedly trying to stay in the fold, even though what they are doing does not please him.

I was the same way. My dad was Democrat, and his politics dominated everyone in the house. I went to college in the late 1960s and graduated in 1971. There was indoctrination then, which got a big boost from the anti-Vietnam War sentiment, but nothing like what it is now.

After I stared working in corporate America, I began to see what Democrat policies were doing to the country. Quotas that were instituted for hiring and promotions were an eye opener. On one of my first job interviews, the person interviewed me told that they would like to hire me, because I was White. No interviewer would ever admit that today.

I landed a pretty good job, but saw that I would have to get an MBA to get ahead. I resigned my job and went back and got one in 9 months, taking over 20 credits a semester. I got a better job, but the quotas continued and got worse. That was really what first drove me from the Democrat Party. My first Republican vote was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I’ve not voted for a Democrat for President since then.

Since 1980, the Democrats have mover further and further to the left. Now Bernie Sanders, a very vocal socialist, is the godfather of their political philosophy, despite the fact that he won’t formally join the party.

I have never been a socialist. My college education with over 30 credit hours in economics taught me that socialism does not work. My studies of history show me that almost always results in dictatorships. Yet, few young people can see that because they don’t get to see both sides of the argument.

@Unitedwestand seems drawn to the Democrat Party because he thinks they were give him what he needs in life. He’s get that one wrong. The Democrats feed crumbs to the masses to get power for themselves.

The Republicans are power seekers too, but at least they get the power mostly from helping the private sector. When power flows to the employers, you will benefit if you have skills to sell. When it flows to the government, all an ambitious, talented person, who works in the private sector, will get is a higher tax bill.

The Democrats, feed you crumbs and keep the plums for themselves.

I was given a home through a USDA Rural Development Loan/Grant. Our Medicaid paid for fertility treatment for my wife and myself so we could have our first born. Right now the UFCW is fighting for my wife’s position. My secondary education cost almost nothing due to grants. The private sector has pretended to pay my family. A lot of Americans are going to start pretending to work. Even your economics say when workers don’t work pay them more. I don’t jive with the Qanon/3percenter/Patriot Prayer stuff. I think we incarcerate way too much that was both parties in the 80s and 90s, when there should of been rehabilitation or a much higher use of the death penalty. When someone does a woman or a child in I’m not sorry if beyond a reasonable doubt they shouldn’t have a shot at life be fed for years, when we have kids in Rural Appalachia who are hungry.

And what about the military and the rise of homosexuality? You conveniently skipped over those.

Dude why should I care about kids in appalachia when we have an entire world to feed? Haven’t you heard that the USA doesn’t have borders anymore? Thank you democrats, and thank you Joe. And thank you United; if this is the president you support then you are as much to blame as anyone.

But no country can exist successfully without a freaking border, and without citizens. I’ve never heard of a country where non-citizens can vote but the democrats are now pushing for that as well; no such thing as an American shortly. Everyone group up with your tribes on this continent and buckle up because it’s going to get bumpy. This is also what democrats want: segregation

It’s okay though, because even though we won’t technically have a military because we won’t even be a country, we’ll still have our military to provide gainful employment for gay people who want to get vaxed up. It will be like a grown up version of the boyscouts but with less white people and physical stuff. And there will be more useless merit badges thrown in like gender studies and make up application.

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These are the people who will be calling the shots if your kids ever go to war. Make sure your sons look really cute so they don’t get assigned to the front lines.

No one has the solution to immigration ok, seriously Child Seperation was an Obama era idea they rejected Trump and Biden are doing it. Open borders people hate Biden. Like real Open Borders folk like La Raza. Immigration outside of shooting at them, there is no solution.

Here’s a solution. Enforce the laws that are on the books and enforce our borders. We are under no obligation to accept every person in the world who comes here. We are under no obligation to give these freeloaders free medical care, free incomes and free housing.

It sounds cruel, but the time has come to say no to accepting unaccompanied minors. They have become pawns for their adults to use to get into this country and get all of the free benefits that the Democrats are giving. When they come over the boarder, send them right back. After a while the the adults will get the message.

Joe Biden should be impeached. He refuses to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books. He took an oath to “defend and protect the constitution.” He breaks that oath every day.

As Biden and his team refuse to defend our borders, more and more terrorists in getting through. These people will act. Joe Biden and the Democrats should be made responsible when the first terrorist attack occurs. They are aiding terrorists by allowing them into the country.

There are solutions to the border crisis, @Unitedwestand. Your party is allowing these people to come here because they want to change the demographic of the voting population. Once they have a voting base of freeloaders, the Democrats will be in control forever. The trouble is the economic system of this country will be ruined, and the Democrats victory will be indeed very hollow.

But the Democrat leadership will be very wealthy, living in their fortified, walled homes, with private security guards. They won’t care about what happens to us.

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It seems to me like the democrat strategy for everything is “Hey let’s try this! Sounds crazy and kind of stupid but it may just work!” and then they go full-bore into it. And no matter how it’s not working, by the time they figure that out it’s too late to turn back in their minds. And nobody holds them accountable because the media is in their hip pocket.

No, I disagree with that. That was attitude during the New Deal. FDR once said words to that effect.

No, the Democrats are looking for political domination and ultimately a dictatorship. They will continue to hold sham elections, but the results will be determined before the votes are cast.

They will continue to keep the rabble happy by throwing them crumbs financed by the continued “printing” (actually created in a computer) of money. Taxes, the FBI, the CIA any other Federal agency they decide to create will be used to punish and imprison their enemies.

If the rabble becomes really restless because the Democrats are not giving them what they promised, the Democrats will crack down on them with “the full force of the law.” There will be no need to placate the rabble by turning their attention away from riots and looting because such activities will have served their purpose. The Democrats will stand for law and order because now they are in charge, and their controlling interests will be at stake…

When the dollar is finally worthless because the Government has a debt of over $700 trillion, we will be like Venezuela, but it won’t matter. By then the Chinese will be dominating the world. Of course, the Chinese will be worrying about the radical Muslims, led by Iran, the “new Persian Empire.” The Chinese will have to worry about nuclear weapons because Iran will have them by then and will be threatening anyone within the range of their missiles, including China. China will be their “new great Satan.”

The wide card will be Israel because it will hold out to the end. If the Israelis really do have a nuclear bomb, they might well have used it against Iran, which could change the dynamic.

Actually, it’s working pretty much as they planned. It’s their goal that is whacked.

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