Prayer Request Thread

Okay, someone had to start it sometime. So right now I have to be the one.

I am requesting all the prayer warriors out there to keep a friend of mine in their prayars.

Our church’s music Pastor and his wife took their daughter (16 year old) in for part of her brain to be removed to stop the terrible seizures. Well, the surgery went very well. This was done about two weeks ago. They had her home, anddoing well within three days of surgery! That was amazing. And, at first they said that it looked like everything went well, and that it would work. Her seizures have started again. They are suffering greatly from this dissapointment. I just can’t personally imagine taking my kid in to have part of her brain removed, and then it seems to not have helped. And the seizures of course are difficult to deal with anyway.

Please pray.

And anyone else with requests please post so that we can all lift eachother up.


Ohmigosh, that is tragic… of course I’ll add her to my prayers.

Please pray that it won’t end tragic. She has no side effects from the brain removal, but it’s still creapy. I saw her mom taking her home early during service last sunday. She was really bummed out.

They’ve got my prayers for sure.

I’d like to add to our list two people. The first is the pastor of my church, Rev. Long, who is on medical leave. I’m not certain what is wrong, but it is apparently rather serious. The second is Shirley, a family friend. Earlier this year she lost her best friend, my aunt, and just the other day her husband also died, both suddenly, and she needs a heaping dose of love in prayer. Thank you! :angel:


Your requests also added to my list Slappy. It’s nice to have a prayer request thread again, with new people, and the same “old” group!!!

That is really rough to handle so many deaths.

Prayers duly noted…and you are sooooo right it is nice to have a prayer thread agian.


OK, as far as the Prayer request thread goes…

Back in January, my 17 year old daughter had problems with Ulcerative Colitus. It took a few weeks, but she seemed to get over her flare up. Just last week, she had a relapse and is feeling pretty depressed about it. We would really appreciate everyone remembering her. Her name is Lydia.


gatcha. Thanks for sharing. Hope she gets out of it quick.

You got it EV, our prayers and affections! :yes:

My thoughts and prayers too EV. (I’m a little slow…haven’t been in this forum much) :rolleyes:

Please keep jmack in your thoughts and prayers…his company’s contract is up for renewal and there is a 50%-50% chance that it they may be able to keep the contract. So that means he could be out of a job but there is a possibility that whoever gets the new contract could hire jmack.

Thanks in advance :angel:

consider it done angel girl. I have a soft spot for the terse One. :yes:


I just got a return on my pm to TeeTop telling him about this site. He will be offline for about 10 days, so, if he does come, it won’t be for a while. He is going to Minnesota to visit his 11-year-old son, and hopefully bringing him back to live with him. His mother is getting her parental rights taken away. He hasn’t seen the boy in 10 years, and hasn’t talked to him in 6, and he said “Keep me in your prayers,” so I thought I’d pass it along for those of you who “know” him.

Thanks for the update on Teetop…I do remember him talking about his son before. :angel:

My wife has a friend who’s husband feels he’s losing control…

So he locked the bank accounts on her, then demanded she “get off her @… or else”

Please pray for this family.

I will keep all those requests in my prayers.

i would ask that my brother, who is awaiting a double transplant, be kept in your prayers. It’s been 2 years since the accident that took away the rest of his kidney function. He is also still healing from broken bones from then–yes, 2 years! He is having the rod removed from his leg soon and his physical therapy will finally begin. Please pray that he does not get discouraged during therapy and that he recovers most of his mobility.

Accident recovery is a long hard road… for everyone. Prayers for your brother, but your family needs them too…


You got it. Cupcakes. I know how even smaller injuries can take a long time to heal from accidents. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

Dee posted: Prayers for cupcakes, and Elvis’ requests.

I moved her post by accident when moving some of the more controversial posts to their own thread…sorry.