Prayer Request Thread

Hey, all. Please don’t forget to post updates on your prayer requests. It is always good to know how things are going.

As for my friend’s daughter with the brain surgery- She is still suffering, but they are thinking that some of the problems are panic attacks more than sezuires. So, keep the family in your prayers please.

Panic attacks huh? after what she’s been through it’s no wonder…

An update, my wife’s friend has a job now :slight_smile:

He still has her locked out of the accounts tho

No news on jmack’s company’s contract renewal…he just said they should know something soon.

Thanks ya’ll. I will keep these matters in my prayers.

[QUOTE=evilelvis]Panic attacks huh? after what she’s been through it’s no wonder…

An update, my wife’s friend has a job now :slight_smile:

He still has her locked out of the accounts tho[/QUOTE]
I hope she’s opening her own accounts with him locked out.

Brother is still waiting for transplant.

I do have another request prayer warriors. My husband has applied for a job much more inline with his skills and will take him in the direction he wants to go in. He is well qualified for it and we are having financial difficulties that would be GREATLY eased by him getting this position. I would ask for your prayers that he gets an interview and hopefully the job. Not only would it help financially, but it would really do a lot for my husband to be in the area he wants. This really is a big turning point for us.

My oldest is having no luck in finding a job…

requests added.

My daughter is feeling MUCH better. She’s on the same med’s she was in January and she’s almost back to normal. She’s been arguing with my son, so that’s a good sign. Thanks to all for your prayers.

that is good news.

This is a biggie… My brother has just been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and diabetes. I got wind of his bloodwork… to say it’s cruddy would be kind.

He’s gonna be on insulin…which means he can’t drive trucks anymore. This has been his career for 20 years.

oh, E. I’m SO sorry. Of course my prayers go out to him, and the rest of the family.

That is rough. Prayers to him,and his family

Hey EE, that’s tough. Prayers to ya, man.

I’m an insulin dependant diabetic as well. I’ve heard of an airline pilot who is insulin dependant as well. I’m trying to find the link for you. Bell’s Palsy is a wierd one. There are many different degrees to is. Sometimes it lasts only for a short time, and sometimes it is permanent.

My (German) grandfather had tremors and made himself a brace to steady his hand in order to work…

Dad died from diabetes (but refused to treat it)

I hope everything turns out okay for him, E.:wave:

It’s been awhile…My brother’s blood sugars are getting better (300 range) still unsure if he’ll ever be able to drive truck again… but he is looking better.

Thank you for your prayers.

Evil, hope he continues to improve…and beyond what the doc expect.

Anyone else with any updates, or new requests to keep in mind?

Gang if you would, please add my family to your prayers. We found out this morning that my aunt, my dad’s sister, was killed last night when the motorcycle she was riding on hit a deer. Tragic, freak accident. Please especially pray for my dad and my aunt’s husband (injured in the same accident) and children.

oh slappy, that’s awful. Of course we will pray for them