Prayer Request Thread

Yes. You, and your family are in our prayers Slappy. That is difficult, and I hope that all involved will find recovery, and peace.

Slappy…so sorry for your loss


So sad. You’re in our prayers.

I just got off the phone with my wife. My daughter wasn’t feeling well the last few weeks. It seems she is having a relapse of sorts from what she was ill with this past January. My wife called the doctor and there is a bed available for her at McMaster Childrens Hospital. She was throwing up last night and is probably dehydrated, so she needs to be on an IV for a few days.

Slappy and EV, I will keep both of you in my prayers.

I pray your daughter will get through this illness quickly EV

Thanks gang, I can already see the comforting effects of your prayers, and it’s my honor to pray for you guys too. EV, God bless your daughter!

Thanks, Slappy.

My wife checked Lydia into the hospital yesterday. I’m going to see her today & see what the doctor says.

I’ll keep you all posted.

For some reason I have been missing this thread for a few days; Slappy and EV, you and your families have my prayers.

I visited my daughter in the hospital yesterday. She was in pretty good spirits and was feeling pretty good. It seems the prednazone (sp?) works, but not for as long as it used to. We told the doctors that when she went in, but they didn’t do anything at the time. NOW they see how often she is, ah, “going” even with the meds and they say, hmmmm, something strange is going on. We’ll talk to the specialist. Hopefully we will hear something when my wife visit’s her today…

prayers are with you, Elmiry. And Elvis too.

Elmira - Well, thank God the doc are doing something now. Ipray that they will get it taken care of and that your daughter will be back home soon.

Bro is not doing well at all…Mum just left…she’s very worried, he’s lost 12lbs in two weeks, painkillers not helping and his company is threatening to re-po his rig. ALL prayers much appreciated.:angel:

So sorry about your brother. Prayers have been said for him, and are still being said.


Bro has just been sent to ER…secondary infections :frown: an abscess that burst last night… updates to follow…

Prayers for him and your family,E. Lots and lots of prayers.

Sorry to hear that EE… my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I’m so sorry to hear that evilelvis… your bro (and everyone’s loved ones) have certainly been added to my prayer list.

Prayers for your brother, and family continued. Thanks for the upddate.