Present and Future gun purchases


what gun did you buy recently, or are planning to buy?


My next will be a Glock 21.

I shoot my nephew’s regularly, and love it. Absolutely love it. It’s his on duty carry weapon.

I really want a S&W .460 though, so that’s on my list as “eventually.”


I currently have a holster carry Bersa .380 and an ankle carry .22 semi. I want to replace the ankle carry with a Walther .32.


:rofl: I read that wrong…


I’m thinking one of the S&W AR-15s…comes with 2 30 rnd mags too…


AR-15 but it costs like 1200 and I have doctor bills to pay.


If I had it to do over again (and if such a critter were available), my handgun would be a full-sized (or at least Walther PP-sized) .380 ACP. Yeah, it’s on the anemic side, but it’s not only tame and (relatively) quiet to shoot indoors in a home defense scenario, but with my more recent thinking (my own personal Christian convictions; not saying that it’s one-size-fits-all), it would afford me a better possibility (if circumstances allowed; if not, then the gloves are off) than with my .357 Magnum revolver of shooting to wound in the arm (to hopefully make my attacker drop his weapon) and have a good chance that he’ll survive (and thus have many years of life to repent his sin and accept salvation, if he chooses).

Good to see you around, as usual!


The M&P series are damn nice. Good choice!


Well, to be honest, there’s not much ballistically different between a .380ACP and a .38 Spcl.
They do make full size .38’s, revolvers of course though.

For that matter, a 9mm is only a little bit more powerful than either. You could always shoot low velocity 9mm rounds in a full size and end up with the desired end result.


Most of the kinetic energy figures I see for .380ACP rounds shows them as 200 ft-lb or a little less. For .38 Special, the +P rounds are common, and all or nearly all modern .38 revolvers are made for them. Some of them are pushing 300 ft-lb, or about half again the power of the .380. Even some of the (old) standard variety are up around 260. And the wondernines are almost all well above 300, and most of those are above 350. If I recall correctly, a lot of the newer rounds are up around or in excess of 400 ft-lb.

In short, you could select the lower loadings in the .38 Special, but the lowest of the 9mm are still much more powerful than the .380. And although a handloader could downgrade the .38 Special, he couldn’t with the wondernine autoloader without losing reliability, unless he knew a good gunsmith who knew what he was doing with such an uncommon modification.


I’m slow, just got it lol


Yes, you need to choose your ammo carefully, but it’s entirely possible.
I wasn’t talking about using +p rounds.

Handloads can make up for any difference, you can use a lighter bullet and lower powder charge for example. It’s quite common at shooting matches to use low power rounds to eliminate recoil.
Many shooters load their own for this reason.

While I don’t see it listed on this site, several manufacturers produced “sub-sonic” loads in the past, some still do. They were originally intended for indoor range use, but people found that they loved the low recoil and requested certain special purpose rounds to be created.

380 ACP Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101
38 Special Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101
9mm Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101

Keep in mind that you are looking at roughly the same size bullets with all 3 calibers here.
The muzzle energy listed drops drastically over distance with smaller, lighter bullets.

As for reliability, it will totally depend on the gun. If you are shooting a finicky new Sig, you might have a problem. If you are shooting a well used Glock, you probably won’t.

Anyhow, I was just trying to give you ideas on how to get the desired power level with a full size gun, as it’s hard to find a full sized .380. Heh, I’m not familiar with even one off the top of my head.


Another gun isn’t in my future anyway. I’ve got my .357, and it’ll have to do. And although I’m reluctant to kill a hostile intruder, I still fully recognize that he’s bringing it on himself…


Any “hostile intruder” in my home is getting shot center mass with .45 cal. 185 grain jhp’s until I’m satisfied he/she/it isn’t hostile any more. I question the sanity of any other course of action.

Hell, you can drop the “hostile” from the front of that and it’s still accurate. If there is an intruder in my home, that’s proof enough of hostility for me ( and Ga. law)


I’m glad somebody got around to saying it. 'Bout took the words right out of my mouth. Any sane person aims at body mass, and worries about the rest later. As it should be.
We have a coupla ‘peace makers’ on our headboard. One’s a .45 the other, a .38 Special 'cuz that’s what’s comfortable for me. If you WANT to meet the .44 or .357, I’ll be glad to ‘show’ them to you. :wink: lol.

I’ve shared this funny-ish story before, but what the heck.
We live a little off the beaten path. I was home alone, just getting out of the shower. Could’ve sworn I heard the door open. Grabbed my .38, peeked out of the bedroom door, slid up alongside the adjacent wall, checked the patio door for reflections of anybody who might be there. Nope, nobody. Went through the rest of the house, just to be sure. It wasn’t until I WAS sure that I realized I was perfectly NEKKID! :freaked: :biggrin:


2cent, any woman armed with a .38 is definitely ***not ***“perfectly nekkid”…:howler:




The arguement over caliber and what is best is trumped by my philosophy that you must hit what you are aiming at. A .22 pistol in the hands of a well trained, competent person is infinitely more effective than an untrained person with a 44 mag.
The .380 ACP round, in the right configuration, is a marginal defensive round. Although if you put two to the chest and one to the head, you will be in good shape.



Bought a Mossberg 930c in January and a Sig Sauer P250 in March. If like the Sig, I’ll be buying a second one for my wife next month.