President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments List


It’s categorized and has links for back up.


I wish the GOP would start shouting all of this from the rooftops instead of behaving like Jeff, Mitch and Paul here:


When you said Jeff, Mitch, and Paul, I involuntarily thought Moe, Larry, and Curly…


Hey! I love the Stooges! My fave was always Curly because he was always the funniest.


I think one of the greatest accomplishments of President Trump was his ability to send the Hildabeest into the realm of mental breakdown and DEFEAT. In addition, I loved the fact that he also accomplished putting the Hildabeest’s feminazis into total chaos.


This one’s for you CT:


Ah yes, I remember those days like it was yesterday. Still the same today, only a much smaller older bunch of hateful women. Oops. WOMYN.