President Donald Trump Rally Sunrise, FL 11/26/19

Love it!

This is in the middle of southern Florida Democrat country.

Florida is more in-play because the middle of the state has had a bunch people move in from New Jersey and New York. Some of these people will bring their liberal Democrat attitudes with them. Florida is more in play than in recent years.

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I lived in the town right next to Sunrise. At the time, Sunrise was a lazy town with a lot of lazy, middle-upper class residents. It is amazing that Trump has gotten this many people to come to see him. When I lived there, Miami was predominantly Republican. Not so anymore.

Having been born and raised in Lauderdale, I remember when there was no Sunrise Florida!

Basically it was Norman Johnson’s upside down house that got it (The Community) started in the early 60’s!
(Sunrise Golf Village)

For a youngin, as I was when my parents took us to the house it was simply magic! lol

That was a real car hanging there and everything in the house was on the ceiling which was actually the floor.

I always assumed it was the result of the latest hurricane!

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Wow! That’s a lot of people. Compare that to Biden’s recent rally he held in a small lunchroom cafeteria with room to spare.

But I think I can see a few empty seats in that picture.

Not many. IDK what the venue is or it’s capacity, but its at better than 95%

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Not sure what the building is. I haven’t been to FL since 1992.

Naming order, (past to present).

Broward County Civic Center

National Car Rental Center

Office Depot Center

BankAtlantic Center

BB&T Center

Basketball: 20,737

Hockey: 19,250

End-Stage Concerts: 15,207 – 23,000

Center-Stage Concerts: 25,000

17,000 square feet of arena floor space for trade shows and other events such as circuses and ice shows.

That’s huge! Where is it?

Sunrise, Florida (Broward County). North of Miami, I think.