President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied ...


President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump

This would seem to be the ‘latest’ hot topic?

Maybe I am missing something that others are seeing?

I really don’t see any admissions of criminality here?:plain:


This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators.

Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on the outside. That’s the set up for former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) appearing on MSNBC and admitting first hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use.

It would appear Ms. Farkas was so caught up in the discussion, she didn’t quite realize the significant admissions she was making about the Obama administration spying on Donald Trump’s team and generating classified intelligence for Ms. Farkas (and others) to spread to Capitol Hill politicians. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski recognized the ‘oh-snap’ admission and tried to play it off,… but by then it was too late.


We have a huge crises here in the making. Susan Rice appears to be spying on Trump and his folks, note SHE reports directly to POTUS. Like Obama, Hillary and the rest, nothing will happen but it shows how far the left will go to destroy this country and implement a full out Jack Booted Police state by spying on private citizens. The SS is coming…


Yes, the SS is coming and the SS is comprised of you, me, Trump, and all of the fair-minded Conservative Americans who have become sick and tired of the far-left shenanigans done by the worthless Obama Administration. I thank the Lord every day that we are escaping from the cesspool that we have been in for the last 8 years. Bright horizons ahead!


Not bright enough; too much of our country is too deep in the cesspool - primarily our education system.


Susan Rice may not have broken the law but this is news because Trump had claimed that the Obama Administration had been wiretapping Trump Tower and releasing the details of private conversations to the media, the media and the Democrats in general attacked Trump as a fool for even suggesting such a thing and used this so called “loose canon” example to attack his credibility as a President.

Now we know that Trump was exactly right, he was the victim of government surveillance and the Obama White House WAS reading those conversations and releasing them to the media.

Also, the only way this surveillance could be legally done is if the Trump people were conversing with foreign officials who were being watched so the Trump side of the conversations were just acquired in the process; it was NOT legal for the Trump peoples names to be disclosed in regards to these surveillance records but they were.

That means Susan Rice may be guilty of that crime and I understand that there is some evidence that is yet to be released that shows the surveillance was NOT just occurring when a foreign diplomat was communicating with the Trump people but also when the Trump people were talking to each other or other American citizens; that would be a crime as well.

Regardless of the criminality it is a case of a President using National surveillance resources to spy on a political opponent for political reasons, this is scumbag 101 and the foundation for the Lefts wholesale condemnation of Richard Nixon for over 40 years now.

Every time you hear “Russia hacked the election” you are hearing a desperate attempt to steer attention away from this story, but this story is now the only part of the Obama legacy which will survive.


The corruption of the Obama admin knows no bounds and without a doubt many people should be serving time and hard time beginning with Obama. Yet not only is he and his black mafia not in jail, there has never even been a hint of an investigation let alone a Grand Jury convened. But why? Here the answer is a bit complex especially in light of the facts. No one needed to be a lawyer to see the abuse of power that has gone on for the past 8 years and still exist today in the form of a shadow govt. So why has it not been stopped and why will it not? In the simplest of terms we can just call it Black Privilege. The result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which gave us this:

Race – Civil Rights Act of 1964
Color – Civil Rights Act of 1964
Religion – Civil Rights Act of 1964
National origin – Civil Rights Act of 1964
Age (40 and over) – Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Sex – Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Civil Rights Act of 1964

Which spawned this:

1 Federal prosecution of hate crimes
1.1 Civil Rights Act of 1968
1.2 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (1994)
1.3 Church Arson Prevention Act (1996)
1.4 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (2009)

Summing it up what we have is a group of unneeded laws that are and have changed America. You cannot discriminate and if you do then you must HATE therefore you must either convert your thinking and you have committed a Federal Offense.

Anyone ever wonder why our existing laws and our Constitution which acknowledged equal rights for all, why our Federal Govt saw fit to create a new set of laws? Laws that are based upon your thinking and nothing else. Discrimination is wrong, but I dare say there is not a person living that has not experienced it. But the govt laws IMO violate the USConstitution because they give special and privileged status to various classes of people. In other words our govt has invalidated the equal rights of our Constitution.

The result has been that for 8 years of the rule of radical black leadership that did as it saw fit and ignored the Constitution, made laws as it went and fostered an atmosphere of rule by man rather than the Constitution.

The whole cabal is guilty, but to investigate that would create the problem of what do you do when you find them with probable evidence to charge…well that cannot happen due to and event that took place 29 April 1992, known as the Rodney King Riots. If you thought they were bad just go to charge (let alone convict) Obama/Rice etc. No one goes to jail in the govt that commits a crime and its spreading across the govt like wildfire. Spying on citizens has been a hallmark of Obama, the FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, DoJ and who knows who else…

Trump’s life is in danger, if he makes 4 years I will be amazed and the mistakes made by his SS protectors over the past few months are not by accident any more than Justice Scalia died by natural causes…he was murdered!