President Trump at U.N. today


Kicked foreign butt but good.


This was a very good I might even say, awesome speech. It is being hidden by the media. THis president will go down in history, not with leftist historians though, as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the US…same as Reagan.


This is why Pelosi announced her “impeachment inquiry” the same day giving the MSM something to go ape$#!+ over for the next few days. By then the Presidents speech will be old news … it never happened.


Exactly. In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole whistle blower lie was timed for that purpose.

Of course that killjoy President Trump took a lot of fun out of it by releasing the transcript. But that’s OK, the MSM just ignored the facts.


The contents of the transcript do not matter. I am on vacation, and the ultra liberal “USA Today” puppy pittle catcher is has screaming headlines about “the new scandal.”

These people once had little credibility. Now they have none. It’s like the staff who write the scripts for the World Wrestling Federation have moved to the mainstream news media with a annex of the crew working for the Democrats in Congress.


LOL. “Puppy pittle catcher?” THAT’S brilliant! :joy::vb-bouncy3:


I was wondering if the impeachment nonsense itself was perhaps a smokescreen to obliquely bring up Joe Biden’s dirty Ukrainian laundry, and give someone with a better chance of beating Trump in the general election a chance to win the primary.


I’m wondering these things too. I’m hearing today…there is NO whistleblower. This is another version of the Mueller investigation. Is this to take out Joe for Warren?? OR…and maybe this is a long shot. Did the President set this up in order to bring attention to Joe Biden’s Ukraine dealings??


There won’t be another Mueller investigation unless Barr folds like a cheap suit. I hope he is made of sterner stuff than Jeff.


Yes, USA Today, and the other manure spreaders, are a talking about “the still unnamed whistle blower.” Sounds like an other Democrat straw man to me. They’ve gots rows of these scarecrows built for the 2020 election to go along with their book of political fairytales.


Trumps UN speech was outstanding “the future does not belong to the globalists”



It is an outrage that the democrat/MSM cabal buried it with their deliberate timing of the Ukraine fantasy. I particularly enjoyed the fact that there were no lines drawing applause from the globalist audience. A lot of sad faces in the General Assembly.