President Trump Rally last night Fayetteville NC


He was there for Murphy and Bishop. And as of tonite. Murphy has won and it was so good the results were called early. It is projected that Bishop has won.

The dems were saying this election will be landmark with dem wins showing that the country is moving away from President Trump.



The race was close. The same will be true for the presidential election. For Democrats, California, New York and Illinois are givens. If we win, we will need take states like North Carolina, Florida and even Texas that are going to be close.

I shake my head at these conservative pundits who look at the group of weak candidates the Democrats are considering for their nomination and say, “We got this in the bag.” The 2020 election will be anything but that. There are a large number of people, close to half the voters who will vote Democrat no matter whom they nominate. The education system has indoctrinated them to think that way, and it will be impossible to change them by 2020. Turnout will be the key to victory for us.


In all honesty, I think that the results of 2020 will be determined by (many) events that have yet to occur. As of today, I am very optimistic. The clown car democrat primary is strictly political noise. I predict that their nominee will be either Biden or someone who isn’t even in the race yet. We have the impeachment slow walk on the left and the Deep State investigation slow walk on the right. Both are designed to keep their respective bases on the reservation. I am hopeful that the President’s rumored openness to red flag laws etc. is going to end up being a bait-and-switch, otherwise it is political attempted suicide. It is essential that the Google/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube abuses be reigned in. They must be held legally responsible for published CONTENT or they must allow all content to be treated equally.


yes I agree. we are not ‘there’ yet. although this president IS popular in spite of what the media leads us to believe.
THe 9/9/19 Impeach Trump Rally where no one showed up.
911 today with the push back against that little jihadi omar.
the fact that the dem candidates every one raised their hands ffor free health care for illegals and we’re the suckers who will pay for it.

Then there is the wins in NC last night. Tell me. Do you hear the dems wring their hands when they win by 134 votes miraculously appearing in the trunk of a parked car. hell no. You see them passing out candy and celebrating.
Then today. The Trump shaped Ninth circuit just gave the white house a major victory on the asylum issue.


I sure hope that’s NOT the strategy. The president said many times that we have to make sure no president ever goes through what he went through. What could that possibly mean? Pass some new laws? The laws were ignored, new laws will be ignored too.

I think President Trump knows we must put some bad operators in jail. We need that deep state investigation to bear fruit (meaning indictments and prosecution) within a year.


it better happen and for the main reason to save their reputation. I have no respect for these asshats in the CYA and FIB. Won’t even get into the mess in the state department YET. I hope to see many of them in jail.


I have no faith in the deep state investigation. The way they handled Comey is indicative of what they will do. If the FBI and Justice Department did something wrong, they will say they did it but won’t prosecute. So far, the Inspector General has proven to be a paper tiger.

These bureaucrats take care of each other. The bureaucracy is now the fourth branch of government. The Congress has no control over them; the president has little control; and the courts are slow. Besides that, many judges agree with their goals anyway.


it’s what the nation needs and not just a few low level operatives … Comey, Clapper, Drennan, Rice, McCabe etc. Ideally a RICO prosecution with BHO and Clinton as unindicted co-conspirarors. Will it happen? I am more doubtful every day. They’ve had two years to cover their @$$, Thanks Jeff Sessions!


that weaselly little rat sessions. I knew he was going to disappoint. he was a bush mole. HE"S a big friend of George’s family. TOO good to be true. Friends would say to me…just wait, he’s biding his time, he’ll come out and really get them. Sure I said. Don’t hold your breath.


I sincerely hope that your friends took your advice,


They’re terribly disappointed.