President Trump to address the nation on border security. It’s about time


President Trump announced that he will address the nation on border security at 9 PM EST. I think that it is high time that for him to do this. Other presidents have used the nation-wide address to further their policies.

President Trump has largely depended upon Tweets. While that has been a way present his views without the distortions from the anti-Trump main stream media, using it exclusively has prevented him from using the national public address than other presidents have used effectively in the past.

I hope that he lays out the case for border security effectively and concisely. This has become a major since the Democrats have dug in their heals with sanctuary cities and phony proposals for “enhanced border security.” You can have the greatest alarm system in the world, but if your house has no walls and no locked or guarded front or back doors, you have no security at all. The Democrats know this, and that’s why they don’t want any physical barriers to control immigration. All they are willing to pay for are a few drones so they can enjoy watching their new voters cross the border.


IMHO - Sadly, I think Trump is too late with this address. Trump needed to use the “bully pulpit”/national addresses on this issue LONG ago. The Dems/Media have been pounding their point of view home for over 2 years. They are way out front on this issue.

As Trump tweets to his base, almost every media outlet has run negative “border wall/barrier/fence” stories morning noon and night under the guise of “news”. CNN/MSNBC don’t really offer the news per se. What passes for news programs are nothing more than political talk shows containing propaganda designed to present/reinforce the Progressive agenda.

This sorry state of affairs, coupled with the Corey Gardener and Susan Collins wing of the “Blue State” Repub Party in the Senate, along with other so-called Repubs inclined to undercut Trump and the security a barrier would afford in order to keep their seats secure in 2020, and the easily manipulated electorate who knows more about the Kardasians than their government, and an education system/entertainment media (Hollywood and TV) in near-complete control of the Left leaves me to think any hope of a serious barrier being erected is nothing more than a pipedream.

As for Trump’s threat to declare an emergency along our southern border as a means of extracting the funds necessary to affect barrier/wall/fence construction - forget it. Dems would immediately run to the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals. An appellate judge would issue an injunction halting the whole process… Let’s face it, the 9th Circuit and the Left runs the country.

Republicans, most specifically, “The Turtle” - Sen. Mitch McConnell - still haven’t figured out the only chance for funding and building a meaningful barrier along our border - one that would actually assist our border patrol - evaporated with the ending of the last Congress when the House, controlled by Repubs could have sent a real funding bill to the Senate and where McConnel and Senate Repubs could have changed Senate rules allowing for passage with a simple majority of the Senate.

I fear McConnell’s allegiance to an arbitrary, self-imposed “process” and not border security will eventually render what political conservatism is left in this country, outnumbered and irrelevant within the confines of electoral politics…

One day - perhaps fairly soon - there will be a Dem POTUS and a House and Senate in the hands of Dems. When that happens, 60 votes in the Senate be damned - you can bet the Democrats will not miss their chance to make millions of “new citizens”/Dem voters.


Unfortunately, I have to agree with Doc. McConnell SHOULD have abandoned that stupid “filibuster rule” LONG ago because the Democrats, when they gain control again, most certainly WILL…or they’ll at LEAST demand a REAL filibuster in its place.

BTW, has anyone seen that blatant propaganda show, “Madam Secretary?” It was first installed in an effort to rehabilitate Hillary and make her seem a viable presidential candidate. Today, it’s being used to flog President Trump…especially vis a vis illegal immigration. My wife watches it and I caught a bit of last week’s show. It was blatantly touting the idea that President Trump was locking up kids for evil purposes.


For at least the last 4 decades, perhaps 5, the Left in this country have been cultivating control of the institutions of persuasion - education and media, including the entertainment industry and its Progressive message suggestively presented. IMHO - the Left truly believes the United States is an unjust nation and embodies what’s wrong in the world. The Left believes it has been and is their moral duty to tear down and replace many of those cultural values and institutions which many of our countrymen have died to defend. Only with this understanding can one explain their willingness to promote such things as the pursuit of socialism, fascist-like behavior on many of our college and university campuses and refusal to acknowledge the vital role of our borders and their corresponding willingness to ignore, even encourage, illegal behavior,

One final point - for two years and without any proof of collusion by Trump whatsoever, the Left and their institutions have been hounding Trump in an effort to destroy his presidency. In so doing, they have no doubt weakened him in the eyes of North Korea, Russia and China. This constant harangue and accusations treated as fact by the Left’s handmaidens - media - IMHO has likely done irreparable damage to Trump’s/the nation’s ability to be successful in negotiations with NK and China (trade). The Left could not care less.