President Trump's disrespect for the fake news


Did anyone else catch the President delivering this great zinger to a reporter in today’s news conference? Watch 36:33 to 36:48. Here’s the dialog:

President: OK, question, yeah, go ahead.  Sure.
           She's shocked that I picked her.  Like in a state of shock.
Reporter:  I'm not thinking, Mr. President.
President: That's OK, I know you're not thinking.  You never do.
Reporter:  I'm sorry?
President: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

The reporter was a brunette woman wearing a red sleeveless blouse.
Did anyone recognize her and know what news agency she works for?


Given the fact that 93% of the stories that the lame stream news media report are anti-Trump, despite the good economic news and other steps forward, telling one of them that they “never think” is perfectly accurate. They are socialist zombies.


On Laura Ingraham’s program last night, some young black man claimed, “Trump only lowered the black unemployment rate by 1 point. Obama cut it in HALF!” Nonsense, of course, but indicative of how the media has brainwashed everyone who watches/reads the so-called “mainstream” elements of it.