President's Day Protest!!


On President’s Day then thousands will gather in Washington to have the biggest climate change rally in history!! I’m doing my best to make it there, who else can make it?!?

350 | Join the #ForwardOnClimate Rally on 2/17!


I’ll be sure to light up the crawfish pot twice, and consume mass quantities of beer and garlic.

Looks like a great day for a crawfish boil!


I’m hoping you guys don’t run into the NRA rally! :rofl:
Dress warm…snow is predicted! :rofl:


I’ll protest Climate Change when we can actually stop the earths natural climate cycles.


That sounds pretty tempting actually. What kind of beer?


The kind you must be 21 to taste. :howler:

Abita, NOLA, and Covington. I do local only at my house.


Haha I’m 22. I know abita but not the other two I don’t think


Abita is currently the 14th largest brewer in the country. I’m amazed by that. I had some of the first batch sold to the public. My sister and b-i-l were also good friends with the plant manager, so we used to get free kegs. This was 1993-1994… They were still small back then.

Anyhow, Covington Brewhouse was founded by a former Abita brewmaster. They use the same water, and similar methods. Covington is more like how Abita used to be when they were starting up. They plan on staying small. <<Not the best philosophy to me. If I open a business, I want to go go go.

NOLA is the New Orleans Lager and Ale Company. They have some seasonals, but their Nola Brown is like Newcastle on steroids. It is one of the best Brown Ales I’ve ever tasted. They have a Nola Blonde ale too, not nearly as good, but still good.


Nola Brown is indeed tasty


I’ll have to try it. I waited tables at a place that was a brewery/restaurant in OKC