President's Rally in Phoenix 2/19/20

Another super rally, full of excited and supportive people. Mr Trump did well as usual and it was a real laugh that this rally is on the same night as the democrat debate in Las Vegas.

I decided about a third of the way in to watch the democrat debate. Mini Mike did not do well. Eyes blinking in …what? maybe real discomfort? He was like a deer caught in the headlights even though he got in one very good shot at the hypo-crotchety Bernie the red…about Bern’s three houses. THAT was good.

Yes, but did you hear the Dems in the audience groan when Bloomberg hit Sanders with that one? Bloomberg described himself as “a capitalist,” and that was enough to finish him with huge number of Democrats who vote in the primaries. If he gets the nomination, the Bernie and Lizzie people will stay home making the race very similar to what it was in 1972 with McGovern.

The kicker is the corona virus. That might be the best event for the Democrat hopes. If the economy goes down, that will hurt Trump badly, even if it’s not his fault.

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I must have been laughing so hard I missed the groaning. I would LOVE to have a look at the audience at these debates AND know a little about them. Including the size of the audience and what got them there. I cannot for the life of me understand how we can have that many people,although it is miniscule compared to the number of supporters at the trump rallies, who support giving up our freedom to socialism and worse.

The people under age 40 have been programmed, starting with kindergarten, to admire socialism. They have been taught that capitalism is flawed and ultimately bad. The thrust of the global warming movement is that we need a socialist style government that has control over the uses, sources and applications of energy in all sectors of the economy.

Once the Democrats get that level of control, they will be well on their way to establishing the controlled, mostly planned economic system that they crave. They have been taught that a large, all-powerful government will fix all of society’s ills including racism, income inequality and climate change. They have been taught that economic freedom has given us most of society ills. Government control is the answer to those ills.

I hope i’m gone by the time they get this power…and they will.

I’m sure that Bloomberg assumed that if Trump could do it, he could do it. Arrogance is the one thing he has even more of than money. He was probably surprised that anyone, let alone the whole field, dared to attack him.

Did he mimic Trump’s style by calling people cute insulting names? I didn’t hear if he did and I didn’t watch enough of it to see. Though of course it won’t work for him. He doesn’t have any charisma.

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I think that is exactly what the problem is. Bloomy is jealous of The President. Matter of fact all of them are. They are annoyed that he did it and they couldn’t. So now bloomy thinks he can buy it cause he’s always bought everything else. But he is nothing like The President. Bloomy has no personality, no charisma, no ideas except limiting our freedom and no knowledge of the constitution or what actual Americans think, want, hold dear. Not one of these characters do.

Bloomy’s lack of preparation was stunning…even with one day you’d think he’d have answers for his more vulnerable points. He was like a deer in the headlights. I don’t think anyone liked him. After all…he Was a democrat who posed as a republican. He hasn’t endeared anyone to him. He thought he could pop on that stage and dominate. oopsie. But he hasn’t given up.

Demo’rats only goal is ‘beat trump’. They have no idea or platform or policy that will improve this nation. Their ideas are catastrophic. Did he mimic trump’s style. no. He is incapable. He has no style himself. His money is his style. that’s all he thinks he needs.

My prayer is. Let Mr. Soros and Mr. Bloomberg spend all their money on what they consider to be glory for themselves and instead let it Glorify the One True God.

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Soros and Bloomberg are much the same. Both of them think that “the little people” need to be controlled by much richer and wiser people, like themselves. They think that they are spending their vast political contributions on candidates who will further their vision.

Big difference is that Soros knows he has a personality that is like a poisonous snake. Bloomberg, perhaps because he has won elective office, thinks he has charisma. Last night he had the personality of a boulder. When gets his mo-jo on, he’s actually more like a very bossy helicopter parent.

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