Pride Month for CIS males

So I was out today getting ubers running errands, and I realize everyone is being really nice to me. Like scary nice. I was thinking damn, it’s a good day. People aren’t usually this nice.

Then I’m on the way home in an uber with this driver who is crazy friendly, I look down at my shirt and it hits me.

My friend at work bought me this shirt and it reflects my attitude perfectly. And here’s a big ass rainbow on this shirt that I never noticed before. I think everyone who I interacted with thought I was gay and was trying to avoid a lawsuit :laughing::laughing:

I’m definitely wearing this shirt to work today; and I think I’m going to purchase all kinds of rainbow gear because I could get used to people being this friendly. Top notch service everywhere you go. :laughing:

Turns out being a marginalized member of society has great benefits. No MAGA hat wearing hicks came out and assaulted me even. Who would have guessed?

Dude wearing a maga hat is like social suicide dude. I wouldn’t say virtue signal if you don’t believe it. I hate rainbows because they are too colorful I look good in all black friggin KVLT dude. Also I really don’t give a phreak what people think about its silly you shouldn’t let anyone change you. It’s probably people generally pick up on your vibes. Someone recognized my Portishead - Dummy “Album Art Shirt” today and she was also born in 1987. Solid Album tho. I don’t think it was the rainbow, I think maybe something changed in you. Maybe you always got a chip on your shoulder. Nice shirt tho. I don’t know if you psychoanalyze and feel out people as you go out, but most do. I’ve never been in an uber are they like a reality out there? is car ownership dead?

I swear the day they go electric or rental like the car shows up and drives you I will break the law to run petrol. Claim 2020s amish or something. I also refuse to upgrade to Apple Silicon I will run Linux before it’s mandated.

No, I was my usual cynical self. I didn’t even notice the rainbow on the shirt until I was done and back at home getting ready to go back to work.

The Democrats might get some mileage out of that logo on the shirt. Their message is if we go through all pain Biden is inflicting on us now, there were will be a reward at the end, like a solar powered bullet train to Hawaii. AOC has told us the government will build one as part of the Green New Deal. How she thinks we can build a bridge that long and maintain it is beyond her mental capacity.

Of course people thought that instant communication with Europe was impossible but the Atlantic cable was laid in the mid 19th century. The first one, which is celebrated on this 1858 medalet, failed after a short time, but the next one worked.

So who knows? Maybe AOC is an expert in building multi-thousand mile long bridges to Hawaii.

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Science fiction goes right along with Social fiction,…

Most science fiction is better reading…