Principal bans red, green and everything Christmas before Liberty Counsel steps in to put her in check


I don’t know what it is with the crazed leftists and that insane wide-eyed look of theirs but it is handy for rapidly identifying them!


SIGH. I’ve said for years, (and many here can attest to that) that if parents want their children to grow up God-loving, patriotic, intelligent, and well-formed citizens, they should IMMEDIATELY remove their children from any public school. Taxpayers are spending over $20,000 a year for each child to attend these dens of marxist thought control and that’s just the elementary school. It is much higher in the public high schools. This does not surprise me. But, one parent somewhere this week complained that the school was teaching children about Islam and forcing them to “pray” like a muslim.


Okay, I don’t mind this part… :stuck_out_tongue:


The really disturbing part is that this is Nebraska, “fly over country,” where we used to have influence. One can only wonder what it must be like in the Marxist areas of California and New York City.


What disturbs me more is that there doesn’t seem to be a peep of opposition from the parents!


Maybe the parents agree with it, are disengaged or are afraid to voice their opinions.


This person should be fired.

Or, if not, then if I was a parent of a student at this school, I’d pull my kid out.

I gotta’ believe there are some conservative parents that would do this.

Question is of course . . . how many conservative parents are there?


As a nebraskan let me sincerly apologize for this shamful display of liberalism. She has brought sham on all nebraskans.

As to the parents im sure some are speaking up in private, but the thing is nebraskans are traditionally a rather quiet bunch when it comes to things like politics and religion. We hate making waves. Perhaps we have become lazy since the cancer of liberalism is largley unknown outside of lincoln, the state capital. But nebraksans simply dont see everything as political the way the left does. Think of us as hobbits, or ents. It will take a lot to rile us to action. But more and more of us are coming around.