Pro-aborts play the game of semantics


This is what pro-lifers have been saying since 1973. Science confirmed that human life begins at conception many, many years ago. Pro-aborts are condemned by their own game of semantics.

Partisan Word Games Don’t Change the Reality of Abortion - Matthew Bowman - [page]


From the article:

So far, so good. Stanford concedes that many forms of “contraception” destroy a new human being a week or more after fertilization—before it can implant into her mother’s uterus. This is an abortive destruction of human life that Obamacare mandate-opponents have been objecting to all along. Destroying an unborn human life in this way is as objectionable as surgical abortion.

But wait: Stanford insists that he himself doesn’t label the human being a “pregnancy” until the time of its implantation. And he doesn’t label the destruction of that life an “abortion” unless it is already a “pregnancy” after implantation. So merely by redefining these words, Stanford says that no one can claim to be destroying human lives with “contraception.”

Stanford is confusing semantics with science. If someone objects to destroying a post-fertilization preborn human being as an abortion, it is silly to respond that they should simply call that being “not a pregnancy” and therefore not a abortion. The being is destroyed no matter what you call it.

One thing that might have been mentioned in the article - a further degree of detail - is that in the week or so it takes for the zygote (fertilized egg) to travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus, cell division takes place multiple times, and what implants in the uterus is called a blastocyst. Why is this significant? It shows that the newly conceived child is not only human, but also alive, even before implantation. So saying that meds that prevent implantation don’t cause abortion because pregnancy is defined as starting with implantation is a word game, pure and simple. Define pregnancy as starting when the child’s heart starts beating, or the child’s brain starts to function or at some time in the second trimester, and some or all first-trimester abortions magically become non-abortions.

The fertilization of the egg creates a unique and alive human being, and is the start of a continuous process of development that, if not interrupted by the hand of man or some sort of disease, ends 7-12 decades later. The location of that development doesn’t alter the simple fact that this is a human being, from the moment of fertilization.


Beautifully put, Pete. And, what fetalogists are doing now is amazing and further proof that life–human life–begins at the moment of conception. This human being is a unique person who is unlike anyone else before or after. An abortion takes that one-time gift of life away from this unique human being that will never have the chance to live again. (Outside of it’s life with God in Heaven.) Whatever good that human being could have done during its earthly life is lost forever. What irritates me is when pro-aborts say that in the first trimester, only a “potential” person exists. I wonder if they would say the same thing about a bald-eagle’s egg? (It is illegal to destroy a bald-eagle’s egg–one can go to jail and be fined as much as $1,000.) It’s all about lies, plain and simple.