Pro-Trump Mother Speaks Out After Women Rip Up Signs, Steal MAGA Hat From Son

That’s me, old simple me. God, Country, Honor, and Right & Wrong.

Old simple concepts.

I have them, you don’t.

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace. Simple

Ok, so, I don’t support that. I didn’t see they stepped on his hand. But I’ve already had the courage to denounce their actions in no uncertain terms, more so now.

But you’ve ignored the fact that TT2 a person in this forum supports violence. Do you think he’s right? did the man leaving the Trump rally deserve to be sucker punched? Was that right? Was it ok in your book?

TT2 thinks so.

There is no BUT dude!!! What the f*** is wrong with you.

Just condemn the women and be done with it. For once in your life be a man instead of a snivelling worm.

If you want to have a one-on-one thread about my thoughts on violence then start one.

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I did, what part of:

But I’ve already had the courage to denounce their actions in no uncertain terms, more so now.

The “but” wasn’t a justification of what they did, but pointing out the fact that you, by your own words:

Admit it.

Own it dude, you support violence and lawlessness with the caveat that it’s only ok if the people doing it agree with you.

As a general principle I don’t support violence, so you lie again.

No you didn’t. You had to add on all your BS about me.

Do you support what that man did sucker punching that guy?

That is what your Antifa and BLM do every day and worse. Not to one person but to hundreds. Where are your condemnations.

This POS asked for it.



Sure, because you support violence after posing a video and condemning it when people you disagree with do it.

Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

You need to take an advanced course in the English language. None of that says I support violence. I do think that in the case of your video what the Trump guy did was mitigated by circumstances.

Do you know why some women get set free after murdering their husbands?
Do you know what mitigating circumstances are?

There it is CS. Normal decent people like us are fed up with your filthy ilk. We have been pushed to the edge by you and will be pushed no more.

The Trump supporter in your video has had his fill of nightly videos of BLM’s burning cities and looting, and he lashed out. I understand and sympathize with it. Technically it was the wrong thing to do but emotionally he had every right.

Now compare that to two skanks hurting a little kid. There is no comparison

CS, you have no concept of right and wrong or reality. You are pure evil, and thats why you cannot correctly analyze any situation. Thats why everything you say comes out as lies, stupidities, and the exact opposite of the truth.

And yet you utterly failed to condemn it. Now you see the error of what you said and are trying to backtrack so you don’t lose face with others here. They might fall for it, but I know who you are.

No, it wasn’t, the attacker wasn’t threatened, he wasn’t defending himself, the guy he punched wasn’t even looking at him. The attacker literally had to force himself past other people to punch him.

There are no circumstances that justify his behavior and only a person who supports violence would make an excuse like that.

Just own it dude, you are litterally a violent authoritarian and you got caught being you and now you can own it or deny it.

Well then you admit you support violence too. Congratulations.

Now ask me if I’m surprised out of this group that you’d be the one to say something like that. lol

TT2 is angry with me because I don’t like his posting style, thus calls me names over and over.

No one here is giving him I like it endorsements, because he is clearly too hostile and extremist. His words are the language of violence and anger.

He will eventually burn himself out of this place, or be mercifully moderated.

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Trump is an ELECTED President, Shitler was never elected

You are not even close.

Careful Sun you’ll be branded a liberal :roll_eyes:

Ha ha…

My leftist family thinks I am a card carrying conservative, their delusion prevent them from hearing my declaration that I am a free thinking independent.

I despise leftists (Socialists, communists)’ , but tolerate classic liberals, who hardly exist anymore in Congress. Congress is now largely run by extremists of both parties, democrats more than republicans.

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Well, I won’t argue the level of extremism as that’s hard to quantify, but the Republicans are doing their damnedest to take the crown…

That brown fool Barack Obama and the crazy black Harvard professor who cried wolf about a white cop who was just doing his job, when he was making the perfector prove he was not trying to break into the home.

Then leftists doubled down and cried wolf again over the George Zimmerman, Travvon Martin incident, the one where Martin attacks George because he though he was going to be punked in the ass by George, or something sinister fermenting in his slight brain.

Then it was on the Baltimore and the slander of the police again…

Then in Ferguson MO with the ”gentle giant” thug and thief, who tried to kill Officer Wilson while he was still in his vehicle

Obama tried to blame white cops every time a jury disagreed

Leftist race baiters it may be too little, too late

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Well, look who strolled in and decided to take the side of the baby killing socialist mob. Well done. But, in fact, every time I log in I have new likes on my posts so I don’t know what the hell you were talking about. Lots of people like my posts. But it’s good to see that you are on the side of the violence socialist mobs. Are you related to John Kasich? Is he your gay lover? He should be.

I rest my case.


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Now wait a second @TrumpTrain2. Did you read the message @Sunsettommy wrote that began with “The Brown fool Barack Obama and the crazy Black Harvard professor …”

He laid out the case that many us know about the Black Live Matter race hustlers.

Please, don’t jump on everybody. No one is going to say what you want to hear 100% of the time.

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Yes I did. It is too bad he didn’t start out with that post.

But his FIRST go-to in the thread was another attack on me - that was his first posting priority - and that is what he has been doing ever since his pink panties got wadded up over me insulting our resident Nazi, csbrown28.

That’s okay though. I don’t care. I just do what I always do, and what Trump does . . . give it right back in his face with interest.

As soon as he decides to stop defending the America hating fascist then we will be cool. Until then, he gets what he deserves.

What case. You have no case.