Probably Nothing .. Just Curious!


In the active window bar … I always show a double set of monitors!?

Each of the little screens will flash … back and forth from blue to black, over and over again?

Probably means nothing … just wondering if this is normal?
Running directly off of a verizon fios modem.

(The picture may be a little blurry because I had to enlarge the captured image from it’s original 75 pixel size.)


That means your Network Interface Card is connected to another Network Interface Card, more than likely the broadband modem that you’re receiving your internet connection from or your Router.

If that was a picture of one monitor and a red X in place of the second monitor it would mean that your Network Interface Card was not connected.


There are two sets of those - at least on mine - one for the Internet, the other for a local network. The local network has the red X.

Edit: looks like yours is showing the internet connection. The “front” monitor shows the activity on your computer, the back one, on the server.


Yeah there will be one of those for each Network Interface Card that is installed and enabled, my Server has 4 of them.