I admit it!
This is not a post long on words but as ‘they’ say: "A picture is worth a … blah, blah, blah.":hugs:

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Fox News is a safe space, Cpac is a safe space.
At 20 I had suffered homelessness, was kicked out of a shelter had to rough in the woods. Kerosene kept me alive, I have a special affinity for kerosene because of its long burning time and high flash point. I worked in a steel shop put myself through four years of college barely graduated with an associates bought a house at 26 married at 27 first kid at 31 and my net worth is over 100k. The majority of conservatives aged 30-40 do not own homes, have not taken down a buck, have not skinned a fish, have not taken a small craft on Lake Michigan, Have not rebuilt a house from 1952 and one from 1896, have not constantly been employed while being bipolar, have not been mugged thrice. So you wanna talk about safe spaces I’ve done time and so has guts none of you can understand what that is even like. So maybe once you have it hard you realize the super hard setting of capitalism sucks butt and you don’t wanna give other people that jazz. Right wingers are a bunch of Trust Fund babies like trump, and left wingers live with their parents to 40.

I’m sure neither one of those two examples weren’t cherry picked at all.

And I’m sure that the book length “woe was me” response had nothing to do with the subject!?

Btw, The smell of kerosene upsets Me!
(I have stronger words than “upsets me!”)

It reminds me of the years when the dumpsters behind major supermarkets were crammed with perfectly good food but was made unfit to eat by dumping kerosene over everything!
(sell by dates do not mean “not good to consume”!)
Thank God not Every store made this an everyday action.:+1:

(Pizza parlors and their owners should have a special place in heaven!!):innocent:

Ever slept ten feet away from busy railroad tracks … on some old sheets that you found behind a laundromat?:worried:

Trains go rushing by so often you don’t even hear them anymore when they pass by you at 3 in the morning!

You had to pray you would awaken by 5 am even if the trains couldn’t wake you.

You had to walk downtown, hoping to get work out of the day labor pool.
(Which was 3 miles away.)

Did I forget to mention that this was in South Florida where temps rarely drop below 80° at night, with humidity thick enough to drown in and mosquitoes wear saddles?

Yeah, I know what it’s like to be homeless, I could write a book on what I haven’t related in my 2 year adventure!

I’ll just ask: You think an adventure like this would be tougher on a woman?

See, I can write my own sob story and I don’t have a need to blame the right or the left!:yawning_face:

Rent controlled apartments are what saved me. From the spiral of homelessness.