Protect Free Speech on Campus–For Jewish Students Too


Back in 2010, pro-Palestinian groups at the University of California-Berkeley staged a protest of Israel during which they set up checkpoints around certain parts of campus asking people if they were Jewish before deciding to let them through, and then watched as Jessica Felber, a Jewish pro-Israel student, was allegedly assaulted trying to participate in a counter-protest. To many, the incident typified an uncomfortable reality about pro-Israel students on campuses around the country, though it has been particularly hostile at UC schools.

Protect Free Speech on Campus–For Jewish Students Too « Commentary Magazine

One disturbing fact has been evident for awhile anti-semitism is on the rise. No longer is it confined to black and white but has spilled over to where other nationalities are being targeted as well as groups that differ from others.

Obama has been very decisive in further this along with his attention to race and class warfare. Obama animosity toward Jews has helped create a situation where now we see young people going out of their way to hate Jews for wars that they abhor and are indoctrinated against by liberal teachers and pundits.

Throw in the advancement of Muslims who want to change Americans to reflect Muslim values and mores. Add to this pot Mexicans who want the benefits of American money while flaunting the laws.

Then we have the splinter groups like the gays and the dopeheads wanting more rights which they claim will equal the same as everyone else, except history shows, once the camel gets its nose in the tent then it wants all the way in.

In the end so many forces are pulling at the American spirit which wants to undermine what values this country holds. The constitution is under attack by those who want to replace it with the mess we see in Europe and elsewhere.

This must not be permitted to happen. I am no fan of Rommey but I think he has more American values than our current president and hopefully if a congress can be filled with those who embrace conservative values then this nation will be starting back on the road to making us one of the world’s respected and prosperous nations that the world looks up to.