Proteins argue against evolution


I can, because the article clearly states it, y’know the one you didn’t read?

“Of oxygen, meanwhile, the early atmosphere held barely a trace. What did exist likely formed when solar radiation split airborne molecules of water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

That was right there in the segment I quoted above.


So what? You CANNOT have any such thing as an “oxygen-free ocean.” Period. At least not if the “ocean” contains water which every ocean I’ve ever heard of on Planet Earth DOES.


You can if we’re talking about the diatomic molecule, which plays a role in the Ocean’s chemistry today, but didn’t 4 billion years ago.

And by that line I just quoted again, we can clearly see that we, in fact, are.


NOT if that ocean contains WATER. In case you’ve forgotten, water consists of 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom. Take away the oxygen and it’s NO LONGER WATER!


Already addressed; not the diatomic molecule. That’s a singular atom.

What O2 would form by chance from the singular atoms, would simply react with other elements, and sink into the Earth’s crust, playing no role in the Earth’s chemistry in the way it does today.

There wasn’t enough, because plants weren’t around to make O2.


Are you REALLY this obtuse, AS? You’re WRONG about whether or not ancient oceans contained oxygen…period. They have to in order to BE oceans.


The article wasn’t talking about elementary Oxygen, it was talking about the molecule, it stated that outright.

You can’t deny it Dave.

“split airborne molecules of water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2)”

Diatomic Molecule, not the singular atom.

O2 did not exist in the oceans.


You’ve done it again, AS! You cannot have WATER without Oxygen…period. If you remove the oxygen, you’re left with unbound hydrogen molecules and that’s NOT water any longer.


Oxygen, although always present in compounds in Earth’­s interior, atmosphere, and oceans, did not begin to accumulate in the atmosphere as oxygen gas (O2) until well into the planet’­s history.

O2, You’re telling me that you don’t understand what the difference is between O2 and just O?


Oxygen is Oxygen, whether as an atom or as a molecule of free oxygen (O2).


No, O3 is Ozone, you beathe that in, you basically kill yourself. It is not the same.

O2 is chemically distinct from the stand alone Oxygen atom, you are very wrong Dave.

You don’t have O2, just because you have O.


If you have O2, you have O. What about that comment confuses you? You don’t die from breathing in O3, by the way. I do it almost nightly since my CPAP sterilizer USES O3 to sterilize the equipment and there’s always some residual O3 in the equipment.


You don’t have O2. You have only O, in compounds like H2O or Nitric oxide.

No O2, do you understand yet?


O2 is NOT “oxygen”. It’s an oxygen MOLECULE. If you have O you have an oxygen ATOM…which IS oxygen. Water CANNOT exist without an oxygen atom. Without it, all you have is a paired hydrogen atom. If you have an OCEAN, you have water, and if you have WATER you have oxygen…period.


So you weren’t reading my posts?

You’ve just been wasting my time?


YOU may have been talking about free oxygen molecules, but that’s NOT what you posted. You said (in effect) that ancient oceans “contained no oxygen” and that’s just FALSE on it’s face. Without oxygen, there would BE no “oceans.”


Yes it is, you can read the article for yourself. I posted it right there in the post, so you have no excuse.

You fooled yourself Dave.


I’ve “fooled” no one…certainly not myself. Water is part oxygen. If there’s no oxygen, there’s no water and I’ve never HEARD of an “ocean” without water. Ipso facto, there IS oxygen in “ancient oceans.” I may not be in a form that’s USABLE by modern life-forms, but it IS there. If you believe otherwise, it’s YOU who are fooling yourself.


Yes you did; you kept overlooking that the article was talking about O2, it’s all over my posts, and the quotations.

You didn’t pay attention, you didn’t read my posts or the article, so you fooled yourself.


I read YOUR post and you DID claim that “ancient oceans contained no oxygen.” That’s demonstrably false.