Protesters Force Out Kermit The Frog

This is hilarious:

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Until the Bee came along, I would not have associated the idea of serious Christians with the idea of a sense of humor, and certainly not with the ability to make self-deprecating jokes. But I was wrong.

On the other hand, until Political Correctness came along, there was a lot less material. Now when I glance at a headline in one of the email lists I subscribe to, I’m not always sure it’s written by a Rightwinger parodying Leftists, or written by genuine Leftists being serious.

I have a pepe the frog t shirt that I wear to work. Nobody has asked if I’m a racist or accused me. I didn’t know I was being a racist for wearing it.

what did you think it was?

If some PC idiot starts screaming at you, ask them, “Hey, aren’t you in favor of democracy in Hong Kong?”

I thought it was a jab at overly sensitive libs who wet themselves when Trump got elected