Protesters in Rochester NY are "shutting down restaurants

#HappeningNow Protesters in Rochester NY are “shutting down restaurants”, tables are broken, people running off scared #rochesterprotests

“Peaceful“ Protesters are turning over diner’s tables and running people off who were minding their own business.

Another case for shooting “protesters” in their melons!

The time has come for the Federal Government to step up and arrest these animals on the RICO statutes. There is nothing "spontaneous” about these riots. They are planned, and these animals have been coached and trained. Honest decent, people, who have nothing to do with whatever happened, are getting hurt, and the time has come for this to end.

We also need to take a close look at the corporations that are giving money to Black Lives Matter. Whatever they think they are doing, it’s not working. You are only making the animals stronger and more brazen. You are NOT buying peace. Your stockholders should be raising hell because you are wasting THEIR MONEY.

If the NFL needs to support Black Lives Matter, maybe it’s time for us to ween ourselves off of the NFL. I’ll never watch another NBA game again. The NBA should move to China where it is appreciated. I’ll warn them though, that if the NBA does anything the Chinese Government does not like, it won’t be like it is in the U.S. Their players will get know what it’s like to play in the Chinese prison league if they have enough energy left after 15 hours a day of slave labor.

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Does AG Barr even see this stuff? Do guys that high up in office even watch tv?

There has to be a core organization that is funneling the money to Black Livers Matter protesters. There has to be a core of contributors who are keeping this going. George Soros comes immediately to mind.

Someone is searching the Internet to find these cases where Black arrestees who have died in the hands of the police.

The latest one that turned up in Rochester, New York was something like 10 months old. The man was naked in the street and started spitting on officers when they arrived. He was out of his mind. Who knew what was wrong with him? He could have had rabies in which case his spit would have been a lethal weapon.

The news media has made a big deal about the fact that the officers put a hood over his head. What are you supposed to do when he’s spitting on you?

Never mind hashing out the facts. Black Liver Matter is out burning and looting immediately.

Years ago, our parents would have not put up with this much garbage for this long. They would have busted these clowns and sent to them jail.

They would have also gone up the chain of command. If George Soros had been found to be sponsoring this, he would have been spending his money on high priced lawyers. He would have also had worries about getting deported, which is what should be done with him.

Where is J Edgar Hoover when you need him.