Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility


With at least 30 million illegals in this country, imagine what will happen if all of a sudden the government couldn’t afford to keep them on welfare.

One would hope Trump 2020 film crews are there to obtain lots of high-quality video.

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And those protesters can take their Mexican flag and march to Mexico PERMANENTLY. (And they can take that fool Kaepernick with them!) I am SOOOO sick of these left-wing commies degrading our country and flag. AND just for the record: the GOVERNMENT has no money. It’s the taxpayers who pay for EVERYTHING!


is this the same facility that the shooter showed up today and was promptly shot? The shooter that is. not the facility .


11-12 million, even anti-immigrant organizations like FAIR US and CIS stand by that

CIS also doesn’t think that the 22 million claim was plausible. People who do demography aren’t going to get it exact, but they’re also not going to just “miss” 10 million. That’s way too big of a footprint to not notice.


The number was 12 million back in the 90s. Meanwhile, we’ve had nearly a million people streaming over almost every year for 20 years, in addition millions of Asians overstaying their visas, and somehow the number remains perfectly static.

Your hilarious source(as always) uses exactly ONE metric to determine this

Their one and only source is census surveys. This is a terrible metric for obvious reasons.

I’d say there are close to 10 million in California alone.


A good number of these people would like to see Mexico take California because we “took it from them” after the Mexican War. Some days I feel like i’d Like to give them California. It seems the state, with its open border policies, is more Hispanic than United States any way. I wonder how long California would last on its own, enacting all of its own policies on open borders, homelessness and welfare to those who don’t feel like working?

I sure won’t miss their 50 Electoral College votes that will always go to the Democrats, even if the party were to nominate a hamster for president.


Not to worry, Alaska Slim is sure it can’t happen here…

Just ignore the fact that all the illegals in the state grant them a minimum of three extra electoral votes, as well as three extra hcongressional representatives. Slim says thats just peachy-keen…


After an extensive debate with Slim, I am convinced that Slim wraps himself in a Goldwater blanket, and then goes far left on immigration. I understand the classical economic argument for argument for open immigration, but that line of reasoning was formed before welfare payments, free health care for illegals and get out of jail cards for illegal immigrant criminals.

The sanctuary city movement now supports criminal activity, and thoughtful libertarians should consider that before they respond with classical arguments. Criminal activity should never be a growth industry in a decent society.


Sorry Cwolf, but you’re going to have to rethink this one.

Demographers are not going to overlook 10+ million people, even the effects of just 2 million are too obvious to miss.

Look into the subject and see for yourself. You can even read the article from CIS I posted.


I go far right economist on immigration. The same as Grover Norquist.

Economists resoundingly say that more labor = more economy, and less bottle necking.

The welfare argument isn’t convincing, because immigrants add to the economy 15 to 1 what they take in benefits.

They take less than natives, and work more.


Qix, read Thomas Sowell. You have nothing to lose by doing that.

Equally, Michael Barone. He is no fan of immigrants, yet he makes the same case about Mexicans being a shrinking concern.


MORE BS from AS! Nobody’s talking about “MEXICANS”. WE’RE talking about illegal aliens and they’re coming here from all over the world! Wake up and smell the coffee, AS! The CURRENT bunch are coming here for the benefits we offer them. Free this and free that, and it’s costing US roughly 80 BILLION DOLLARS annually to support them. There’s NO POSSIBLE WAY these illegals are paying INTO the system that amount–let alone several multiples of it as you claim.


AS is a catfish. He comes here with his “cafeteria style conservatism” when he is nothing but a far left wing “progressive” (actually a regressive who favors socialism and dictatorship ) who agrees with AOC and the other three House radical women of color who are to the left of Nancy Pelosi.

If Grover Norquist is your living god, as you claim Goldwater as you dead god, I want no part of him. If he agrees with you so much of the time, he is another Paul Ryan, a RINO who deserves no respect. If he is a true conservative, AS is dishonoring him.

Paul Ryan sold us out because his big, short-sighted corporate contributors thought they could get cheap labor by allowing anybody into The United States. Paul Ryan is AOC in a Brooks Brothers suit, when you cut to the heart of the matter. He was building the scaffold for the demise of the Republican Party.

Here is the issue in a nutshell. The Democrats want these low skilled, indigent illegal aliens in this country so that they can get them on public assistance, make them Democrat voters and lock up the country for their socialist agenda.

That’s the end of the story. None of the other economic theories from the 19th century or early 20th century have any validity because the dynamics have changed. Anyone who tells you not to believe that is naive or part of the conspiracy.


Dave, read the subtitle of the article.


Send I get that you have contrary-conservative positions on things like gun control and abortion, and that you’re worried people are going to call you out as not being conservative for it.

But deflecting it by accusing others of “not being conservative” gets you no where worthwhile.

Immigration is the only issue you’re hanging this accusation on, yet other conservatives take the same position I do.

Here’s Andrew Napilitano.

Here’s David Harsanyi, a senior editor at The Federalist.

Here’s a Professor of History at Hillsdale college, posting at the American Conservative.

Organizations like the American Enterprise Institute, FEE, the Hoover Institution, all equally share the same viewpoint. A better guest worker program fixes the issue, then we enforce the law. As Grover Norquist advocates.

I’m confident of the company I keep, and I don’t need to accuse someone else to defend my beliefs.

Personally, I just prefer data.


You had to go back to 2012 to find a reference to Mexican illegals???


Here’s the message you need to get, AS. Once the Democrats get these illegals in this country permanently, get them on public assistance to make them dependent, and make them citizens, or at least voters (citizenship is not required to vote for under the Democrat system), the Democrats will control the government.

Every principle that you claim to have (abortions, gun control, limited taxation, less regulation) will be down the drain because the Democrats will enact their agenda and establish a socialist state. They will probably use climate change and “fairness” as the reasons for it. You will won’t be able to do anything about it because you will be out voted. You and all of your “conservative” buddies will be museum pieces. And when the Democrats have total control, they will burn down your museum.

Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are all examples of what happens when the far left takes charge. The modern Democrat Party is not the party of Kennedy, Humphrey, Carter or even Bill Clinton any more. Nancy Pelosi is becoming part of their right wing. AOC and her radical friends are the future of the Democrat Party.

Just look at Southern California. It used to be a bastion of conservatism. Now it’s under total Democrat control with a big sanctuary cities, Los Angeles and San Diego, at the center of it. How did it happen? Massive immigration fueled by a vote buying welfare state.

I am not against immigration. There is truth to what you say about the need for more young people. BUT it needs to be an orderly process where we can get handle upon who and how many people come here. We don’t need criminals and terrorists. We don’t need need millions of people with no skills who will spend their lives dependent upon government. We need productive people who will work and contribute to our country. That’s who came here at the beginning of the last century, and that’s why the system worked then. The bad apples were rooted out and deported.


So you admit that it’s about illegal immigrants, and your first comment is a mistake?

And yes, I have a purpose going back to that year.


If you support open borders, as AS does, none of your conservative opinions mean anything. The Democrats know that they can’t control the government without the illegal vote. that’s why they won’t even consider any kind of immigration reform. Once the Democrats gain control, they will trash every conservative position, from stemming abortion to tax reform and limiting regulations.

That’s why AS is a “catfish conservative.” He says he’s conservative, but he’s all in on giving the Democrats the voting majorities that they need to control every state, even Texas.

He’ll talk a good game about how he would limit the illegals ability to draw welfare and vote, but he knows that’s a load of BS. Once they are here, they will start living on the dole, increasing the size of Congressional delegations for states like California and vote, one way or another.


This is no different than if I said you supported Eugenics, or gun confiscation.

If you can’t be sincere about what someone else’s position is, you just come across as manipulative.

How you convey an argument is just as important as what you want to say Send.