Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility



By marginal, I didn’t just mean "cheap, I meant small. Wendy’s can average out the cost across 1,000s of workers; small businesses cannot manage it. Nor do they tend to have the legal or personnel departments they can use to sort through the 88-page manual.

Further, when it comes to what I predict the outcome will be, we have precedent. Arizona passed a law in 2008 requiring all employers to use E-verify.

The result?

40% of businesses don’t bother using it. Businesses who did and stopped using migrants, didn’t see the positions back filled by Americans. They just remained empty, or the jobs went to another state.

The ID theft/forgery market accelerated, as faked documents are one of the work arounds. Detection of illegals because of them is only 54%.

Similar results were found in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama, which each only had 40-50% compliance. And these are the States that want the system; what’s going to happen in States that don’t?

It is, he lost his visa after he was hired.

It applied to 15% of Arizona’s farm workers. That’s a cost in the millions, scale it up nationally, it becomes billions.


We shouldn’t forget that the population of the US in 1880 was a smidgeon over 50 million and we were STILL the same size (continental-wise) that we are today. We NEEDED a massive influx of immigrants then. Today, our population is roughly 320 MILLION…6 and one half times larger… and we’re approaching the saturation point population-wise, ESPECIALLY in the cities where all but 4.5% of incoming immigrants are settling. Get it? Only 4.5% of all immigrants (including illegals) are employed in AGRICULTURE today! That’s LESS than 1 million illegals who are working on farms and ranches throughout the nation! And YOU, AS, are telling us that “they are filling jobs that native-born refuse to do.” After those ICE raids earlier in Mississippi removed over 600 illegals working in meat-processing plants, THOUSANDS of Mississippians have shown up to apply for those jobs!


We are not overpopulated, so I don’t see where this argument goes.

The Club of Rome was wrong. You do know that, right Dave?

Including the assembly line jobs I see in person?

Nope, wrong.

The plant closed. Even after it was bought-out and re-opened, less Americans were working there than before the raid.

So the net result was less jobs and less work. The town itself (Postville) gravely suffered from the loss. 1/4 of it simply disappeared.

So Dave? To make sure you remember this from now on, I need to see you say this in some form:

The Plant. Closed.

Otherwise, you’re promoting a lie.


Oh, the Mexicans were also replaced by Somali Refugees:

So from one form of cheap labor to another. Apparently, we do need it. It’s just a fact of life.


I’m not talking about that meat processing plant in IOWA. I’m talking about the processing plants that were raided n MISSISSIPPI just last week. THOSE plants haven’t closed. In fact, they are hiring. Why would you rely on a left-wing website for your info, by the way?


Where the plant closed.

You need to say it Dave; you tried to make this same claim about it 3 times over. It can’t be overlooked.

200 People showed up to the job fair, including illegals who worked there in the past.

And a job fair, is not hired, nor staying.

The company btw uses E-verify. And it was 700 people lost in the raid.

  1. Says the person with no source given?

  2. Prove Marketplace is a “leftwing source” for me. I think you’re making this up.

This looks like a convenient dodge so you don’t have to respond to the fate of the town.


YOU are the one who conflated what happened in Mississippi last week with what you SAY happened in Iowa…not me. BTW, that Iowa plant has NOT “closed.”


That sounds like another dodge Dave.

Again, you claimed this multiple times about the Postville Plant:

I didn’t push you to make those claims, you did that on your own. So now, no more dodging.

The Plant closed. You need to say it Dave, I need verification that you aren’t just going to “forget” again.


Yes it was, you cannot dodge this Dave, I don’t understand why you’re trying.

The company declared bankruptcy, closed down, and another company stepped in to re-open it.

At a fraction of its original capacity.

You’re not going to find the original company listed anywhere, so why are you denying the truth?


It’s OPEN, however. It never “closed”, it just changed ownership. Are you REALLY going to continue to deny this?


Yes it did:

The plant closed 5 months after the raid. The new owners didn’t open it back up until a year after the raid.

So you can’t dodge this, now you need to say it Dave. The Plant Closed.

I’m not pushing you to admit fault or error, I’m saying be honest about what happened.


WRONG. You should read your own link. All that closed down was the BEEF processing part of the plant. They CONTINUED to operate the poultry lines which were still operational when the auction was held!


No Dave, that was a test. The plant eventually closed even the poultry line.

Now, you’ll admit to everything.

"A lot of people lost everything," said Brink, who was a truck driver for Agriprocessors before the plant closed. She and her husband had enough money saved to keep their house until they could find work again. "

Ralph Rosenberg, executive director of the Iowa Civil Rights Division, said several state agencies are helping Postville residents cope with the plant’s closure.”

Property valuations went down, which meant lost tax dollars for the city. With its workforce gone, the plant struggled to stay open, eventually closing.

You admit you were dodging the truth, and that the plant closed.


Nope. Re-read your original link again. MY! It took you 3 DAYS to come up with some stories about the plant “closing?” The BEEF processing lines closed when the original owners went bankrupt. The poultry lines remained open until after the plant was re-sold.


Says the person who got it wrong for 5 years? Not that you had to, I gave you links 5 years ago, that you ignored.

And now you can’t. You now have no choice but to acknowledge the outcome at Postville.

The closure resulted in jobs being lost, 1/3 of the town disappearing, and other businesses closing. A skeleton crew of 100 workers out of the previous 700 who only packaged whole chickens, was not much of a lifeline.

Nor was Agri Star buying them out, as even they couldn’t reach half of Agriprocessors former capacity. Average Iowans simply weren’t interested in working there, and Agri Star themselves said as much.

To recover, they had to hire Somalian Refugees. One way or another, guest workers had to be found.


MORE BS, AS? When this first happened and I posted about it, you IMMEDIATELY came up with that “the business closed down” nonsense, when it did NOT close down immediately and they DID have hundreds of of LEGAL applicants for those jobs ICE was responsible for the company losing. They only went bankrupt when they discovered they had to pay their NEW workers considerably more than they’d been paying their illegal employees. Even then, they only closed down the BEEF line and kept the poultry lines open. Remember that this was a plant that produced KOSHER products and frankly, the demand for their products has been dwindling for decades now as more and more American Jews abandoned kosher for more “trendy” products.


Everything I just said is in the article you referred to. So you can’t tell me you didn’t know this.

The town suffered, 1/3 of its population simply left. Businesses closed.

You can’t deny this Dave, so quit dodging.

It’s not nonsense, read the article.

They reopened a chicken line with a skeleton crew that only processed whole chickens.

No more cuts; they lost customers over this.

And this is the other part you will acknowledge.

If the people don’t accept the job or stay, the number of applicants doesn’t matter.

It means Americans tried it, and refused.
Which leaves the plant in the same situation; they have to hire whomever will stay.

Turned out it was refugees. Which again; is in the article, so you don’t get to deny this either Dave.

In. the. article. So quit dodging.


YOU are the one “dodging.” The plant did NOT “close down” as a result of losing their illegal employees. It stayed open, processing poultry, and is STILL open. If this town lost 1/3 of a population of 3,000, that must mean that 1/3rd of the population were either illegals or relied on illegals for their incomes. No big loss. If the owners were only willing to pay coolie wages, it’s no real wonder if no one was willing to take their jobs.


In Wake of ICE Raid and Reduction of Illegal Workforce, Over 200 Americans Apply for Jobs at Koch Foods Chicken Plant


It’s a big loss to people who lost everything. It’s a loss to people who had relatives that were kicked out.

The question is; what does this improve?

You had to import labor regardless. You’re still paying “coolie wages”. So why the hell interrupt an arrangement people in the town had no problem with?

You didn’t help the town, so who the hell were you helping?