Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility


And yet, it was the MEXICAN flag that was raised at that Colorado ICE incident last week. It wasn’t the Guatemalan flag and it wasn’t the flag of El Salvador or Honduras.


I can find protests by the KKK waving the Betsy Ross flag; does that make them popular? Does it make the flag theirs?

I think you know the difference between a movement, and the actions of some randos.


I’ve NEVER see the Betsy Ross flag waved by the KKK ANYWHERE. It was mischaracterized as “racist” because it was this country’s FIRST flag and those who MADE that mischaracterization are convinced that we were founded as a racist nation and remain so today.


So you see my point then? Randos are being randos.


When the only source of information they use is the US Census - yes they easily can.

Hot take. You quote me, quoting your source, and ask me to read it. Your source also says that less than 10% of California and Texas’s population is undocumented immigrants. Think that one over for a bit.

They’re not. The people writing these studies repeatedly splice things down to one or two specific metrics like TANF or Social Security Disability, and ignore where most of the money is spent(healthcare and providing education to their children).

No, he’s just incapable of making accurate predictions. He goes to a Libertarian meeting, notices it’s like 90% white, and 95% male, and 80% under 40 and thinks "I’m sure we’re just a few lengthy essays away from converting elderly black women onto the roster. "

So in his mind, streams of immigrants from communist countries is zero problem. It’s even an opportunity to grow the concept of freedom! Past behavior of a demographic group can be disregarded, because there are individual outliers. Which proves the aggregate stats are highly mailable.


Dude it wasn’t, you seemed to have missed this point:

“It is incumbent upon the authors to explain how their estimate can be reconciled with other data. It seems extremely unlikely that the Census Bureau, the Department of Education, and other records of vital statistics miss so many people year after year.”

The census is accurate, because it can be reconciled with other data sets. With the work of other demographers.

You’re not just saying the census is wrong, you’re saying demography itself has gotten it wrong.
It’d be one thing if that were by 1-3 million, but you’re saying they’re off more than double, and that would require intentional sabotage industry-wide.

“the Center for Immigration Studies agrees with the Migration Policy Institute’s critique of the new paper: “People leave footprints” and millions of illegal immigrants cannot simply be “hidden” from demographic profiles.”

But you didn’t read it; certainly not to understand it.

They are, because ITINs. Which function like SS numbers, which you need to do basic things in our economy like buying insurance, taking out a loan, or getting a mortgage.

So, you need to qualify your statement a little more here.

I’ve never gone to a Libertarian meeting. The closest to that I’ve been to is the Western Conservative Summit.
Where yes, that is very close to the demographic. But they’re hardly pro-immigrant.

On top of that, I’m working two manufacturing jobs right now, at both, I’am one of only two Americans on the whole floor.

Everyone else is either immigrants from the Southeast Asian dust up of the 1960-70s/ their kids, or more recent Latino fair. We also get a few from the middle east.

It really isn’t; they’re the ones who are pissed off at communism the most, and call natives here embracing it on their bull***.

I have a Vietnamese coworker who engaged me on this for a solid week, telling me how corrupt and immoral the Communists in his country are. I also have a Cambodian who loves sharing his story of growing up in an internment camp, made possible by a Communist dictator.

Outright communist countries, or even communist adjacent (Venezuela), are the immigrants I have the least concern for. They are a much needed break from the navel gazing of our culture.

They get us back to basics, and show us what we’ve taken for granted.


Nonsense. We’re spending around $180 BILLION (with a “B”) to support illegals and there is no possible way they are contributing $180 BILLION (with a “B”) to our economy, let alone to our tax base. As for your phony photo above, I can post one showing these guys standing next to the MEXICAN flag. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 with today’s photoshop technology.


You don’t get to say this. I’ve quoted to you the Chief Actuary of SS who states this, 4 times over.

Stephen Goss.

You can qualify it all you like, but he has reported this. Remember this next time Dave.


I get to say whatever I please, AS. YOU remember this next time. Illegals do NOT “contribute” $180 billion to our economy–or anywhere CLOSE to that amount. As a whole, non-citizens “might,” but illegals do not.


Legal immigrants take more than illegals do, (hence why illegals want to legalize, among other reasons) and legals don’t take this much, so the real amount is lower.

"illegal immigrants are less likely than native-born or other immigrants to have a usual source of care, visit a medical professional in an outpatient setting, use mental health services, or receive dental care.

Per capita health care spending is lower for all immigrants, including illegal immigrants, than it was for the native-born "

the National Academy of Sciences


So what? Try getting care an any ER in a border State…not to mention those “sanctuary States” such as Kalifornia or New York or Massachusetts which attract illegals. For that matter, try to get help in a COLORADO ER sometime. You’ll have a 12-hour wait…minimum…unless you’re bleeding out when you arrive. Try teaching in a border State school without speaking Spanish. Good luck with that.


So the real amount is around ~$15 billion give or take. Admittedly that’s after taxes they pay in.

But in addition, George J. Borjas, the same economist Cwolf has quoted in the past to claim illegals hurt wages, has also said that they contribute 11% of our GDP per year.

$1.6 Trillion, at the time he made that assessment.

We have an aging population, we have labor shortages all over the country. Without migrants, there is work that simply wouldn’t be done, or couldn’t be scaled up, and we’d suffer [more] bottlenecks.

I have. 6 stitches in my chin in 2007; the same year Mexican immigration was at its peak.

But the ER argument doesn’t mean much here. ER’s have structural issues we can fix any time we develop the will to do so; there’s no other way to fix the labor shortage, other than to use migrants.

The question is whether we do so legally or illegally.


For GOD’S sake, AS. STOP with the “migrants” BS. Our objections are to ILLEGAL INVADERS not those coming here with a desire to BECOME Americans legally.


And your objecting to “cheap” labor. You think they’re stealing jobs, and don’t want to let most in, even legally.

So it’s fair game for me to bring up. You don’t fix illegal immigration, without increasing legal immigration.


It would be interesting to read what you definition of “legal immigration” is. How would you change the law?

Please put your answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS not some canned response from one of you expert commentators.


The I100 visa. You went through a process, you had a background check ( if its your first visit), you’re awarded a visa.

The process should be no more demanding than getting a job, and it should never take longer than 2 months to get through.

The process should equally be simple (no more than say 4 steps), transparent ( you update the person as they progress through each step), and low cost (Again, I’d say $200 or less). The less expensive or time consuming you make it, the more you disempower the coyotes.

There are farmers who hire illegals for harvesting simply because there’s too much lag time between them knowing how many workers they’ll need in a given season, and the Government finally providing permission.

They can’t wait 3 months or longer; that defeats the purpose. And yet they can’t make the request earlier, because they only know how many workers they’ll need when they know it.


You can’t do that in countries that don’t KEEP DECENT RECORDS and only an utter MORON believes that you can.


They can when they’re buying surveillance systems from China Dave.

They keep criminal records just like we do, and on top of that, everyone uses Social Media now. And E-commerce sites. And E-services. And E-mail.

In a digital world, you can’t hide who you are unless you know how. And most people, don’t.


BS on a shingle. You ACTUALLY expect us to believe that those “refugees” from Guatemala and El Salvador show up at our border with their criminal records in hand, or that they even tell us their REAL names???


Were not in the 1980s or the 90s.

A cell phone in every pocket has forever changed the world, and what you can know about people.

You don’t need them to. We have access to criminal databases in those countries.

I didn’t hand a copy of my criminal history to my employer; they had a 3rd party run it, and hand over the report. Same thing.

It’s going to look mighty suspicious if there’s no history attached to the name.
A clearinghouse is also going to pick up on whether the identity is false. A lack of digital presence would be one thing they’d look for.