Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility

I sourced that already :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, my comment that spurned all of this…

Was really poking fun at Dave because he said…

I’ve been to NASA, does that mean I’m an expert at spaceflight?

Probably not, but I have no doubt that at some point in the future you WILL claim to be an expert in spaceflight.

I certainly will, I’m studying rocket plumbing and getting a certification in System Tool Kit (STK) right now.
I also have a NASA certification in Polymerics. I was at The Marshall Space Center NASA Workmanship school just last month getting it (admittedly that’s not directly related to spaceflight, it just helps circuit boards survive in space).

Classmate of mine from that experience works at Marshall; she said after VP Pence showed up to announce Artemis (the Moon mission), nothing really changed. Which (along with a lot of non-committal language from NASA administrators) tells me that the 2024 goal isn’t happening. Not through NASA anyway.

Proximity however may have actually given her experience. Alaska is one of the few States that, by necessity, has relations with a foreign country, Namely, Russia.

As the Governor of Alaska, she would have had a seat at the table of policy the State was enacting.

Things like this:

Would have been more common during her tenure, and even more so during the 90’s, when relations were at their peak.

Again, my own mother met a Russian Vice Marshall back then. And she was just a mid-level officer.
If you’re the Governor? Any big wigs Russia throws over here will likely meet with you.

I don’t know for a fact Palin met anyone, but she was Governor long enough that some sort of policy would have been put in front of her.

do it. i’d like to see that.

I did it, look up.

I just did…and I can find none except for left wing morally superior folk who vainly search for white supremacist symbols among patriots who love their country and fly the flag…which obviously you don’t. So your hate America schpiel has broadened.

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It was two posts below:


I really resent the fact you try to label the right as kkk when it originated with the left. But in the interest of exposing fake media news in its attempt to smear the right with leftist psyops… you had to do some searching to find that photoshop didn’t you. Where’s yer link?

And I’ve never seen pink kkk robes. Are you sure that isn’t faded handmaid’s gowns? LOLOL

That’s a hard no; I’ve never done that.

Read the rest of what I said Caroline:

I think you know the difference between a movement, and the actions of some randos.

My question at the start was rhetorical, your entire reply here is taking it out of context.

well you most certainly did by posting that.

What’s a “rando?”

Random person.

I did not. They’re randos; as I wrote right below the picture:

So you see my point then? Randos are being randos.

Well yeah, he built his entire business on illegal labor. Of course his business model is going to fail when forced to use legal labor.
Drug gangs wouldn’t do so well if forced into the legal market either.
I have no problem that the plant based around slave-wages and exploiting disadvantaged people was shut down.

You’re right that a huge portion of businesses built on a model of exploiting illegal labor, breaking labor protection laws, and subsidizing their non-living wages via tax payer funded healthcare and childhood education programs will fail. They should fail because they’re parasitic businesses that only operate through exploitation and theft.

Read the post again:

" they failed because they couldn’t pay back their $35 million bank loan, because the owner wasn’t allowed to manage anything, and most of the lower level managers and 1/3 of the workers were in jail."

Purposely not allowed to manage the business. It was a ship without a captain.

He couldn’t even negotiate who to sell to; they were forced to take the cheapest offer, which wasn’t enough to cover the loan.

The business reopened under new owners employing refugees.

You got a pallet swap of who the poor immigrants were doing the work. That was the end result.

Sorry man, but trying to play this the same as Target hiring illegal subcontractors to do janitor work, doesn’t work out here.

They were more than 1/3 the town population, they were the tax base for them. Pushing them out, left the town without work, and scraping by, with more Americans unemployed than before the raid. This didn’t right itself until the refugees showed up.

Illegal labor is a black market, it’s sub-optimal, but it’s better than nothing.
Certainly for this town, it was better than the factory not operating.