Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility


You ask for a list of reinforcing sources. Banking statements, Tax ID, photographs, etc. If you have a criminal record, one is going to tie you to it.

Criminal records may not be “complete” but that’s a risk we already run.

In the real world, we exchange this information, and rely on it all the time. Tourist visas.

At some level we accept the risk. I’m not suggesting anything new by saying that you do the same thing with Migrant workers.


Why does it matter if they don’t? To me, we would make the system better if we tied the visa to the worker (not the business), and allowed them to work for who they wished. You’d lower abuses that way.

Under Bracero, it was perfectly possibly for someone to say " I don’t like this guy", and instead go work for someone else down the road.

We have that risk regardless though, and you make it more common by obstructing sources of legal workers.
Under a legal regime you have some control at least; if you push it all to the margins or under the table, you’ll have none.


It’s accurate enough for us to have tourists, so why not migrant workers?

Again, this part isn’t new. We already do it.


No, we don’t do it. They just walk or climb across the border without doing any of the stuff I had to to do when I went to Jamaica or England. I had declare where I was going to be and when I was leaving. If I had overstayed the visa, they had a perfect right to kick me out of the country. If they have a child with them, any child, theirs or not, they get turned lose in 20 days and more than likely get to stay forever.


Yes we do, for Tourists, I just provided the source for their requirements, and criminal history is apart of it.

If we did it for guest workers, it would be no different. It’s a process we already rely on.

We’re not talking about Mexicans who might know the lay of the land, we’re talking about people, largely foreigners from further south who have no idea what the geography is, who buy border crossing “services” from Coyotes and the cartels.

We can easily out compete the latter by making our process clear and low cost.

The choice the migrant makes isn’t between a “free” border cross or us, it’s us or gangsters.

I’d prefer it’d be us.


Because there are umpteen million illegals that have not been vetted, and no easy way to tell which are whom.


I’m to believe that the thoroughness of documentation of criminals in Mexico and Central America is of the same magnitude of same in the U.S.? Not likely…


But first we have to seal the border so that we control who gets in, and you have opposed that vociferously. No part of the immigration policy works without order and control.


… Uh, no. You didn’t understand.

We already ask people looking for Tourist visas, to hand over criminal background history from their home countries.

We already do this FC.

And considering most tourists don’t turn out to be terrorists or criminals in disguise, apparently, whatever we do to audit people, works.


You don’t GET it, do you, AS? These aren’t “tourists”. They all are ILLEGAL INVADERS and the LAST thing they want is for our government to know who or what they are or what their backgrounds are.


You can’t until you answer the demand. If you don’t you’re just accelerating the black market.

This is a former Mexican police Officer, Ed Calderon, he’s is 100% for the border wall, but he doubts that it’s going to work, because the coyotes have been at this for 20 years longer than the politicians have taken an interest in it.

The gangsters already know how to respond to everything we put on the border. They’ve been doing R&D of their own, and as Calderon mentioned, for short while, these people lead the world in niche areas of drone tech.

Equally, he says the Coyotes/cartels look at what Trump does on the wall and say “Yay! Now I get to charge a higher price because he makes it look harder”.

To defeat them, we need to cut off their customer base. We need to out compete them.


Make the process cheaper than what the Cartels or coyotes are charging, they’ll sign up in droves.


So you want to SELL American citizenship? No thanks.


Access to a guest worker program.


Residency in MY country isn’t for sale, AS. Maybe it is for yours. How many “guest workers” never left after being allowed in? MILLIONS I’d guess and not be far off base.


Why not? If they’re not criminals, not terrorists, not sick, then why not?

It helps our economy, improves our demographics (which we need help with), and brings in another pair of eyes, and more ideas.

It also expands markets we can export into, and creates a call into the culture for getting “back to basics”.


Why do you believe we “need help” with our “demographics?”


Because counties all over have had negative population growth for decades, and the native fertility rate is 1.8; far below the replacement rate of 2.1.

The Midwest, the bulwark of our growth, would be in decline if not for immigration. Both legal and not.


Uh, no, you didn’t understand.

That “criminal background history from their home countries” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if their “home countries” do a poor/inconsistant job of keeping said records.

I’m also curious as to how the people coming in can realistically be expected to provide any data that would hurt their likelihood of being admitted.


Or not just walk ii without making any attempt, particularly when they know their backgrounds would get them denied.