Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility


Nope. Re-read your original link again. MY! It took you 3 DAYS to come up with some stories about the plant “closing?” The BEEF processing lines closed when the original owners went bankrupt. The poultry lines remained open until after the plant was re-sold.


Says the person who got it wrong for 5 years? Not that you had to, I gave you links 5 years ago, that you ignored.

And now you can’t. You now have no choice but to acknowledge the outcome at Postville.

The closure resulted in jobs being lost, 1/3 of the town disappearing, and other businesses closing. A skeleton crew of 100 workers out of the previous 700 who only packaged whole chickens, was not much of a lifeline.

Nor was Agri Star buying them out, as even they couldn’t reach half of Agriprocessors former capacity. Average Iowans simply weren’t interested in working there, and Agri Star themselves said as much.

To recover, they had to hire Somalian Refugees. One way or another, guest workers had to be found.


MORE BS, AS? When this first happened and I posted about it, you IMMEDIATELY came up with that “the business closed down” nonsense, when it did NOT close down immediately and they DID have hundreds of of LEGAL applicants for those jobs ICE was responsible for the company losing. They only went bankrupt when they discovered they had to pay their NEW workers considerably more than they’d been paying their illegal employees. Even then, they only closed down the BEEF line and kept the poultry lines open. Remember that this was a plant that produced KOSHER products and frankly, the demand for their products has been dwindling for decades now as more and more American Jews abandoned kosher for more “trendy” products.


Everything I just said is in the article you referred to. So you can’t tell me you didn’t know this.

The town suffered, 1/3 of its population simply left. Businesses closed.

You can’t deny this Dave, so quit dodging.

It’s not nonsense, read the article.

They reopened a chicken line with a skeleton crew that only processed whole chickens.

No more cuts; they lost customers over this.

And this is the other part you will acknowledge.

If the people don’t accept the job or stay, the number of applicants doesn’t matter.

It means Americans tried it, and refused.
Which leaves the plant in the same situation; they have to hire whomever will stay.

Turned out it was refugees. Which again; is in the article, so you don’t get to deny this either Dave.

In. the. article. So quit dodging.


YOU are the one “dodging.” The plant did NOT “close down” as a result of losing their illegal employees. It stayed open, processing poultry, and is STILL open. If this town lost 1/3 of a population of 3,000, that must mean that 1/3rd of the population were either illegals or relied on illegals for their incomes. No big loss. If the owners were only willing to pay coolie wages, it’s no real wonder if no one was willing to take their jobs.


In Wake of ICE Raid and Reduction of Illegal Workforce, Over 200 Americans Apply for Jobs at Koch Foods Chicken Plant


It’s a big loss to people who lost everything. It’s a loss to people who had relatives that were kicked out.

The question is; what does this improve?

You had to import labor regardless. You’re still paying “coolie wages”. So why the hell interrupt an arrangement people in the town had no problem with?

You didn’t help the town, so who the hell were you helping?


You’re a little late qix:

It was a job fair, and the question is do they take the job, and do they stay?

They didn’t stay at Postville. They had to hire refugees.


Refugees from a country which paid its workers less than a dollar a day???


Postville was paying more than a dollar a day.

Right now they’re paying $10.50/hr. To those refugees.

So who was helped here, exactly?

And how does them hiring refugees, not prove that we need to import labor?


Would YOU take an assembly-line job paying $10.50/hour??? I wouldn’t. There ARE things I WOULD do for $10.50/hour, though. No wonder those “refugees” took that job. It’s 10 1/2 TIMES what they would likely earn in Somalia. They probably thought they’d died and gone to heaven. I wonder how many are STILL employed there a year or so later, though.

I helped resettle a bunch of refugees from Cambodia in Mineral Wells, TX, back in the 70’s. They were hired by a company contracted with the government to make aluminum cots for FEMA which paid the adults minimum wage at THAT time…a bit over $3.50/hr. NONE of them were still working there a year later. That company had to hire local teens on a part-time basis–full time during summer vacation. It fulfilled it’s FEMA contract and went out of business a year or so later.


So we need to import labor.


No we need to pay AMERICANS for doing jobs like those.


But Americans aren’t willing to do it for $10.50 an hour, just like you said.

Yet if you make labor more expensive, the jobs simply overshores. To Turkey, to Brazil, even Mexico. Where they work for even less.

These are the constraints of the market. We’re already a net importer of fruit, no reason meat and poultry wouldn’t follow if the price reflects what consumers want.


That Kosher meat processor would NEVER “ship those jobs overseas” however, so your meme falls apart pretty quickly. He either pays workers a decent wage or he hires “immigrants” who, initially at least, think his pay scale is “marvelous”…until they live here for awhile and realize they’re being ripped off.


Bull$#!* !

I live less than 5 miles from a Koch chicken processing plant in Pine Mountain Valley, Ga (formerly a Cagles plant), and their workforce might be 2% Latino. (That’s all Latinos, not just illegals) It’s probably 95% black because that’s who lives in the area. And I’ll be willing to bet they don’t even make $10.50/ hr in that location. Probably $8.50 an hour, or minimum wage even. So don’t give me the “Ameicans won’t” b.s. Whether you’re making it up yourself or parroting someone else, it’s b.s. These people keep showing up for their shifts at a crappy job for a crappy company run by crappy human beings who would cheerfully see all of their workers driven into economic ruin for another .5% added to their bottom line.

It is perfectly obvious that people will work at the most rewarding (whatever that means to the individual) job that is available for their skill-sets. That doesn’t mean that lower skilled people won’t work.

Those constraints are artificial creations of the overly burdensome regulatory state, which native labor cannot escape but is largely bypassed by hiring workers that the regulatory system does not acknowledge exist. The larger the regulatory state grows, the more compliance costs drive smaller local businesses under and the more economic (and therefore political) power is concentrated in corporations. And your constant drumbeat is to allow the favored class to bypass the regulatory state that crushes the ‘little guy’, thereby replacing the rule of law with the rule of men. Not one word from you regarding the barriers that prevent smaller competitors from entering the markets. Never a peep that regulatory overhead has destroyed most all but the largest entities. No, all you have to say is “let them have labor that doesn’t have to follow the rules to cut costs and pad their bottom lines”. Padding those bottom lines is all that will happen, because absent meaningful competition, those cost savings will never show up on the grocery store shelf. But you know that, don’t you?


True. It came out today that over 60% of those illegals arrested in Mississippi earlier this month were using STOLEN IDENTITIES!


So no more words are necessary, right? Not only would they, companies already have.

That’s why it survives. As the price of labor increases, and people move out for better paying work, what happens qix? No Americans are moving to underpopulated counties to take meat-packing or farm work that’s understaffed.

Case studies were done, and we have the numbers. Even when Americans showed up, they didn’t last.

In 2011, despite nearly 500,000 unemployed American workers in North Carolina, extensive advertising, and wages required by law to match local wage rates, only seven American workers completed the growing season in the entire state; in 2012

Further, no Americans are staying in the manufacturing hubs close to urban areas like the one I work in.

The composition is 90% Latino or Southeast Asian, or Eastern Bloc refugee. Americans show up for a about week, then leave. Even I didn’t last; I only work there part-time now.

And I know these jobs would overshore without these immigrants, because China is already doing them:

With equipment that checks the solder paste. With AOI machines that aren’t just for show. With electrical testing after the boards are finished. With ******* robots that move the boards around. All for a lower price than what my employer, the 3rd largest PCB maker in North America, can offer. The only way we stay alive is by offering more variety in the boards we manufacture.

You can’t deny it qix, and you’d be wrong to try. This is not me “parroting” someone, it’s me standing at ground zero and waving back at you.


BS again, AS. Do you think. those 1000 American job applicants didn’t know that if they were hired they have to live in that rural community (or at least nearby?). They obviously were WILLING to if they could get hired at a decent wage.


Dave, you were just proven wrong, so you do not get to use this line here. Fair is fair.

Kosher factories are built overseas.

You need to say it. Do not minimize, do not deflect, admit you did not know.