Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility


It knocks your “Ameicans won’t” line in the head.

In urban areas? I thought they were going to rural areas slim. Can you please stick to one consistent lie?


Americans won’t move. to take this work. Address what I said please.

Equally, you can address why Americans don’t last.

Read the study Qix, 6,000 farm workers were needed, 500,000 unemployed in the State, yet only 7 seven Americans lasted the season.

Seven. What is your explanation? Hell, what is even your response?

What is it qix? You didn’t say a damn thing about it, so what am I supposed to think here?

A. I work at Advanced Circuits in Aurora, Colorado. Everything I said about it is true. A person died there two weeks ago due to a chlorine container exploding.

B. I already mentioned this. You don’t get to complain 100 posts after the fact. No Qix, this is a day late and a dollar short

Play fair Qix, I didn’t lie about a damn thing, and by pulling this stunt, while not addressing what I said, you’re being a jackass.

And If you don’t have an answer for why things I’ve seen turned out this way, admit it. Be honest that you don’t know.


You “proved” NOTHING, AS…except that you’re willing to, not just shade the truth and logic, but to destroy both.


You claimed Kosher wouldn’t go overseas. You said this Dave.

Yet not only do overseas Kosher plants exist, there’s multiple governing bodies out there to certify them.

You didn’t know about this, so why aren’t you being honest about it?

Why can’t you ever admit to a mistake? Why is that so hard for you to do?


No. I said THIS kosher business wouldn’t go overseas. It didn’t fail because they were forced to pay decent wages. They failed because Kosher isn’t very popular these days. It’s being replaced with “Vegan” and “organic” (whatever that is.)


You’re dodging; If you forced wages to go up to “attract Americans” the company would overshoe or simply close down.

The current owner himself is a foreigner who lives half the year in Israel. He would have no issue opening the plant in another country; he already manages overseas real estate as his main business.

That’s the reality.

False; they failed because they couldn’t pay back their $35 million bank loan, because the owner wasn’t allowed to manage anything, and most of the lower level managers and 1/3 of the workers were in jail.

When it came to selling the company, the prosecutors forced the owner to take the lowest bid on the table, which wasn’t enough to pay back the loan.

The company’s failure, and the owner’s 27-year sentence, were due to the prosecutors being out for blood.

Trump himself apparently decided this was too harsh, and has released the man early.


So, what, you’re saying we should only use illegals for dangerous work, 'cuz #@*! 'em if they die?

I get to complain whenever I like, actually. I mean how would you stop me?

I’m being fair, but there isn’t anything ‘playful’ about it. You continually advocate for the economic destruction of large swaths of the American workforce, myself included. I.e., your proposal poses a realistic existential threat to me over the intermediate to long term. You and everyone who thinks like you can eat crap and die. I will choose my non-aggressive self interest every time.

Existential threats tend to do that.


You don’t when you’re wrong. I have an IPC certification and 100s of images of MYDATA pick-and-place machine displays saved to my phone to show for it. Along with dozens of the 1,000s of PCBs I’ve manufactured.

There’s only one reason for me to have all that. You denying it comes off as an “axe to grind”, but for ****** what? What’s to gain by not acknowledging that I work on a PCB assembly line?

Attacking me personally without responding to what I brought up?

I responded to your case, why haven’t you responded to mine Qix? You still haven’t.

That I’m apart of.

You keep trying to push characterizations on me that don’t fit.

If I work in it, why would I want it destroyed?

Answer: I don’t, I keep my eyes on long term trends, and I know what we need to create good outcomes that allow for more, better paying work.

Long term > anything else. I make no apologies for that. The reverse approach is getting what Japan got.

It’s not though. Your education as an American makes you worthy of work these migrants can’t touch. Because they either don’t know English well enough, or aren’t educated enough.

Increasing the base of basic workers, increases the amount of middle-level jobs. And even high-levels jobs.

Construction is one of those industries that have stagnated in terms of process and technology adoption because of… factors. Even so, the advent of additive manufacturing is going to push the industry in a capital heavy direction. Which means educated people who know how to use/manage said capital, rake it in.

What, is that what I’am to you?

You tried to call my experience at Advanced Circuits a lie; was that threatening you?

The **** how? You don’t even work in my industry.


I will concede your expertise in making Printed Circuit Boards, AS, but you are NOT an “expert” in much else if your history on this site is any indication. Your company is dependent upon “Google Ventures” and some Chinese company, so I understand why you balk at the idea of our economic war with China.


Okay, guys; let’s stay out of the insult territory.


How should I phrase his repeatedly changing his ‘facts’ to fit whatever line he’s peddling at the moment?

I think you better go back and read what I wrote. [EDIT: I sure seem to have to tell you that a lot…]


I said this to you, two years ago!

My claim, day 1. It’s not just showing up, people aren’t moving there.

My source for Americans not lasting? I’ve shown that to you before too. I didn’t “change” anything, you simply forgot, and never gave me a response because you (in your words) were “too mushy minded”?

So what’s your excuse now?

No I think you had better clarify what you meant by “Can you please stick to one consistent lie?”

Because you placed that directly under my talking about Advanced Circuits. Your verbiage makes it ambiguous as to what you’re calling a “lie”.


You mean where you did 0 research, and you get cross at me for knowing more details? Over and over again?

Case in point:

Falon Gong is not “some company” , they are a spiritual movement who numbered roughly ~100 million, who the CCP is giving the boot heel to.

They’re the ones getting their organs harvested Dave.

And they have no problem with the trade war; they cheer it on.

You claim to know about China, yet you didn’t know who they were?
When it comes to China, you’re just in the dark then?


I’ve actually BEEN in China. Can you say the same thing, AS? “Some Chinese Company” has NOTHING to do with Falon Gong. I was referring to the Chinese company that helps FINANCE the company you claim to work for.


Cool, so you have about 40 years of “since you been gones” to look into?

Better get started.

Here’s one, Shenzhen’s no longer a small fishing village. It’s now the world hub of electronics manufacturing.
This is thanks to free trade policies implemented by Deng Xiaoping. I hope you know who that is Dave.

My parents have, and they were there more recently than you.

They know who Deng is, but they, like you, hadn’t heard of Falon Gong; because that started in 1999.
They were in the dark.

Ah, then I messed up understanding your claim. My mistake.

But I have no clue what you’re talking about. Not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t see Google Ventures listing us in their portfolio, and the only financing company I see us connected to is The Compass Group.


Go to your company’s own WEBPAGE, “about us”. I can’t believe you’ve never done this. They list their financial partners at the bottom of the page.


I’m right there:

Been here before too. I did a word search; I’m not finding any mention of financial partners, or Google Venture.


I used YOUR link and the site doesn’t look ANYTHING like the site I visited just a week ago. What changed?


Okay, are you certain that you went to the right company?

Can you just give me the link? It should be listed in your history.


Where would I find my “history?”