Protests erupt in Washington following fatal moped crash

12 officers have been injured after the second consecutive night of violent demonstrations in front of a Washington D.C. police station.

Protests broke out on Wednesday night after a vigil for 20-year-old Karon Hylton Brown, who died while trying to evade the police. Demonstrators at the protest threw rocks, bricks and fireworks at officers. They have blamed police for the death of Hylton-Brown.

Authorities initially tried to stop the 20-year-old for not wearing a helmet while riding a moped-scooter, when he fled and collided with another vehicle.

Hylton-Brown’s family took part in the demonstrations.

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In case folks haven’t caught on yet … there is a movement in this country where Every Crime, minor or otherwise … committed by a black, is to go unnoticed or as in all of these riots shall be blamed on law enforcement!

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Do you know what we USED to call people who rode motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc. on public streets without wearing a helmet? ORGAN DONORS!

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Unfortunately Black Lives Matter has made almost every fatal encounter with the police an excuse to start a riot and loot stores. After they have done this, they wonder why they don’t have any neighborhood stores any more.

DAH! What merchant wants to take on the normal risk of opening a store when the people in the community think they have a right to loot and burn it? The excuse is, “They have insurance.” First insurance settlements often don’t make you whole and rates are going to be sky high in high crime areas. That’s one of the reasons the price of goods are higher in those stores.

The really disgusting thing is that Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a damn about Black store owners. The thugs come in a loot them the same way they do the White and Asian oweners. BLM is really just an anarchist organization that brings nothing positive to the Black community.