Proud or Ashamed? Or just "what difference does it make"


House GOP Report: Despite eyewitness accounts, Clinton, administration pushed video explanation for BenghaziEXCLUSIVE – The claim that the fatal 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks were sparked by an anti-Muslim video was crafted in Washington by Obama administration appointees and reflected neither eyewitness nor real-time reports from the Americans under siege, according to the final report of the GOP-led Benghazi Select Committee.
The GOP report, released Tuesday, followed by less than a day a report by the Democrats on the panel saying that security at the Benghazi, Libya facility was “woefully inadequate” but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never personally denied any requests from diplomats for additional protection.
According to portions of the Republican report reviewed by Fox News, one U.S. agent at the American outpost in Benghazi, whose name was withheld for security reasons, told the committee he first heard “some kind of chanting.”
Then that sound was immediately followed by “explosions” and “gunfire, then roughly 70 people rushing into the compound with an assortment of “AK-47s, grenades, RPG’s … a couple of different assault rifles,” the agent said.
In addition, a senior watch officer at the State Department’s diplomatic security command described the Sept. 11, 2012, strikes as "a full on attack against our compound.”
When asked whether he saw or heard a protest prior to the attacks, the officer replied, “zip, nothing, nada,” according to the Republican majority report.
“None of the information coming directly from the agents on the ground in Benghazi during the attacks mentioned anything about a video or a protest. The firsthand accounts made their way to the office of the Secretary through multiple channels quickly …,” the report concluded.

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Waco, Ruby Ridge, Benghazi, all dead at the hands of a Govt that is both Proud and if asked, just replies: “What difference does it make”

So for the LIBERALS on here, tell us why you are Proud, tell us how you stomach to pull the lever for Obama and now Klinton.

This makes me sick to my gut and if we do not RADICALLY change the people that are in our govt this country, if we allow HildaBeast to become our next dictator in chief, she will take this country down, American blood will run in the streets just like it has under the regime of her husband and Obama and her. History is not wrong…


Several things here.

First, the Democrats are variously proud or passive over the obvious mendacity of their Presidential Candidate. “What Difference does it MAKE?” indeed.

Second, the Republicans ARE in fact ashamed of the traditions of Reagan, of fealty to the Constitution and the vision of the Founders. With such a man put forward for nomination, the Party Insiders allowed a troublemaking crank to jigger vote returns, drawing off enough to prevent the Constitutionalist from getting a majority. And likewise they stood by while a huckster who gave heavily to Democrats, including the Democrat who caused this slaughter…they stood by and let him build his cult of personality.

So, I guess the prevailing mood is “Meh.” We’re either going to have a government based on Free Sh*t For All, or have an economy made great again, the way Smoot and Hawley made it great in 1930.

Those are the only possible outcomes. Make your plans accordingly - we are going to have either a lawless, duplicitious government bribing the lowest rungs of voters with the voters’ own money; or we’re going to have an engineered depression even worse than what we have. An honest, ignorant mistake by a fool who was a Tammany bagman; or a cynical, mendacious deceit by a woman who was a disciple of Alinsky and admirer of Stalin.


I don’t think that Trump as dumb as you think he is, JustPassinThru. You don’t build a private real estate empire as he has done by being a fool. He’s also to be commended by the fact he has placed women in very high positions in his organization. He didn’t do it because of government mandated quotas. He did it because he saw merit and talent and was prepared to look past gender. That is ideal for a truly color blind, gender blind society.

I greatly admire a leader who pick the right talent for the job regardless of their gender, race or ethnic background.

Hillary is a political whore. She is for sale to the highest bidder. The trouble is guys like you and I don’t have enough millions to buy a stake in the Hillary enterprise, even if we were willing to put aside our honesty and our ethics. She is very willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what she wants, and unlike some others of her ethical class, she doesn’t have the talent or motivation to do things right even if she wanted improve. Just look at the many blunders that marked her time as secretary of state.

Trump is an entertainer, and self promoter. It’s not what I would have chose for a GOP candidate, but it’s what we’ve got. Yes, he’s given money to the Democrats including Hillary. That’s what you have to do when you are real estate business. You have to buy a piece of city hall to get what you want. That’s the system. If you are going succeed, you have to play the game.


THAT IS MY POINT. He didn’t build that!

He was an INTERFACE between REAL developers, the kind who have people who lay bricks and survey construction sites and hire architects, and GOVERNMENT. To prevent legitimate developers and contractors, especially those from outside New York, from landing in the jackpot when they make a clumsy attempt at paying the tolls.

A lawyer who does similar for traffic citations is called a “ticket-fixer.” In most other places someone like Trump is called a “bagman.” NeYawk Values being what they are, he’s apparently been named a “developer.”

I watch and listen to the man and I see a dearth of intelligence and a lack of understanding on many levels. No, I don’t mean his pronouncements on Mohammedans. I mean his lack of substance; his lack of understanding of what a trade war means, his “I-Am-The-Greatest” riff.

The man is no developer. Give him an office and tell him to go develop a city block somewhere and he won’t know what to do. All he’ll be able to do is call his Rolodex of REAL developers, trying to find one to come do it.


And the next president, if he is to be effective, is going to have be someone like Trump who can “run an operation for a helicopter” through other people.

The last president who tried to micromanage everything was Jimmy Carter, who got last in the trees and couldn’t find his way out of the forest. The last president who literally ran everything was James K. Polk (1845 - 1849). He couldn’t delegate anything and worked himself to death, literally. Today James K. Polk would be swollowed up in two weeks.

The Liberal news media knock on Reagan was that he just rode above everything and didn’t what was going on. That theory got shot to hell when he met Gorbachev at Reykjavík, Iceland to hammer out the Nuclear Arms Limitation Treaty. Reagan knew what he needed to know at the right time. He didn’t clutter his mind with unnecessary information.

No I don’t have a problem with Trump’s approach to managment.