Public school "education" in Chicago


Here’s another reason why parents need to take their children out of public schools. (As if there wasn’t reason enough as it is!)

Chicago Teachers Union Latest Group to Stoke Class Warfare With


Years ago it was said that the students graduating from a Chicago school had to have their degree read to them.


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As a native Chicagoan, and one who loves her hometown (despite the rot), I have to state uncategorically that Chicago public schools are the worst in the nation–and the public school teachers are dumber than rocks–unless it comes to teaching kids how to put on a condom or that homosexuality is normal. The Chicago board of education is the most corrupt in the nation, too. Fifteen years ago, someone discovered over 2 million dollars worth of expired government food and other items wasting away in the basement of the CBE basement. All this stuff was supposed to be used for the school children. It was a huge scandal…but like all dimbos, it just faded away…nothing was ever done about it. Public schools are nothing more than Big Brother’s unfettered arm of marxist-atheist-communist propaganda being fed to innocent school children. Their parents should be arrested for extreme child abuse.


Are you talking about public schools in general or just the Chicago ones. The public High School I attend is actually quite good.


I am talking about ALL public schools. There are pockets of good public schools here and there, but they are not the norm–they are the exception–as in Tiny’s case and I think 17Oaks, too. But, as I said, they are few and far between. And, they won’t last forever. Chicago’s schools are the worst of the worst. They are the most corrupt school system in the country–probably in the world.


Urban schools are particularly bad from what I’ve heard.

I attend high school in the best school district in Kentucky and my high school is in the top 300 in the nation. It’s a suburban area, and many people move here because of the good schools. If you go to the neighboring county, Jefferson county, where Louisville is, it’s a completely different story. There is a lottery system for schools there, and many people resort to private or home-schooling if they don’t get into the few good schools. One of the worse high schools had a sign in front that proudly proclaimed “only 25% of our students smoke!”.


Geesh! I would expect a high school–or any school for that matter–to display educational excellence in their students or curricula–but smoking??? Next, they’ll be putting up signs telling how many pounds the students have lost after eating the czareena’s imposed lunch menus.


And who was the commentor who said that public school education has no wacky (my term) or revisionist teachings??? This is only the tip of the iceberg.


My children will never set foot in a public indoctrination center.


Or is it really, got anything to compare it to?
Long after I left school I found out the High School I went to was the worst in the State of Texas acedemically, Had the lowest graduating rate and the highest drop out rate in Texas during the years I attended.


Or, “Only 25% of our students got pregnant this year!”




The whole damn city of Chicago is the most corrupt city in America, from the Mayor to the Dog Catcher to the school system. It gave us the Obama Regime…we’re in deeeeeeeeeep do-do.


I will agree that Chicago politics is corrupt inside and out. However, as a native Chicagoan, I love my city. It is beautiful. The people are the nicest in the country–honestly. Of course, there are always exceptions, but as a rule, Chicagoans are good folks. Chicago is called the “Big city with the small town attitude”. And, believe it or not, Mayor Daley (Jr.) did a lot for Chicago–and he was one of the only pro-life dems I’ve known. He also took the most rotten, putrid part of the downtown area and turned it into a beautiful area with Chicago-style homes, lakefront upkeep, and the now famous Navy Pier. Downtown Chicago is awesome–especially around the holidays. Harold Washington was actually an ok mayor. Bilandic, Jane Byrne, and the present fool in the mayor’s office were/are all disasters. AND, you have never had REAL pizza until you’ve eaten a pizza from a neighborhood pizza joint. Unbelieveable! I love the different ethnic neighborhoods, too. But, Chicago has gotten increasingly violent beyond what it was when I last lived there (1996). So many beautiful neighborhoods that once were populated by immigrant Irish, Germans, Italians, Polish, Chinese, Greek, have been taken over by ghetto blacks and hispanics. Those neighborhoods are infested with gangs. So, unless you know the city and it’s metropolitian areas, you take your life in your hands if you wind up in the “wrong” neighborhood. But, I still love my city…