Putin and his "Elite Capture" Strategy

Yeah, because NATO is massing troops on Ukraine’s border with Russia. [/Sarcasm]

I imagine Putin is the next Stalin, like Xi is the next Mao.

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Stalin wasn’t giving key seats of Soviet Industry to European collaborators.

That’s what this “Elite Capture” is, finding bendable, powerful people to bind to their cause with promises of rewards, and disrupt unity amongst the ranks of Europe.

The Former German Chancellor is so far the biggest feather in their cap.

Which one? I haven’t been keeping up.

It’s in the article:

No, I view Putin as the next Mussolini (His economy is about as large as Italy’s) and Xi has the modern version of a “smarter Hitler.” Putin wants to be the next Stalin, but unless Western Europe gives him what he wants, he’s going to have a hard time making it. Maybe with some luck, he can kill or starve as many people as Stalin did.

Mussolini took Ethiopia to show Hitler how tough he was. Putin is doing the same with the Ukraine although he probably doesn’t realize how much of a bully he appears to be. Nothing can embarrass a tyrant.

Here is Nazi 1936 Olympic pin. Perhaps Xi is looking to repeat history after his Olympic farce is over. Too bad we don’t have another Jessie Owens to embarrass him.