Putin: Russia could use nukes against ISIS


Putin: Russia could use nukes against ISIS | On Air Videos | Fox News

I don’t know the logistics of doing this nor the impact. I can’t speak much to this subject except to suggest I hope this isn’t the road the world is going down.


I don’t see it as a likelihood. So near as I understand, the only conceivable practical use of a nuke against ISIS is if they have a bunker deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep underground (some mountain cave with well-hidden entrance and ventilation) that they can’t pinpoint exactly, but for which they could drill a deep shaft and do an underground detonation.


Daisy Cutters and MOABs would likely work just as well, no?


Depends on how deep the bunker is. If it’s far enough down, it would be somewhere between impractical and impossible to collapse it with conventional explosives.


Not really. If you destroy the upper levels of access and ventilation, you’ve effectively destroyed the bunker–and anyone who’s IN it.


Yeah, if you know where they’re at. Admittedly, that’s a lot more likely than knowing the approximate location of the bunker without knowing those other things.


Apparently we know where the ISIS hidy holes are but refuse to bomb