Question about Brad Meltzer's works

I don’t know who has heard of Meltzer or who has watched his show, Decoded, on the History Channel, but I was just curious if anyone had read any of his books?

I was wondering if I should get any of them. His show is always interesting to me even though I know you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Codes, secret societies, and conspiracy theories have always been interesting to me and I just wondered how good of a job he did telling those tales.

I’ve read his 9th Justice and 1st counsel some time back…don’t remember much about either except that they were good reads that kept me guessing and were hard to put down!

I have seen his show and find it interesting. However, the only things that I read are technical books and articles.

I watched half of an episode once, he is just as full of it as Jessie Ventura.