Question about forum


On the various forums, what do the pink and blue envelopes mean?


The gray ones denote threads that don’t have any new posts since you last viewed it (but only if you’ve viewed the lasst page; or more, if the thread saw very heavy posting), and there won’t be anything sticking up out of the envelope. The blue ones denote threads with new posts since your last viewing of that thread (it’ll also show if you’ve viewed the thread, but not the last page thereof), and they do show some “papers” sticking out of the envelope. The red ones denote a thread that has seen a lot of activity; the “papers” will stick out if there’s new posts, and not if there’s not. The easiest way to tell if there are new posts, though, is if the thread title is bold-faced.


Thanks! At first, I thought the pink indicated a lady started the thread and the blue meant a gentleman started the thread. :embarrese