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Ok guys…I need your expertise. I’m thinking about getting a little gun for myself. I’m moving to Baltimore as you all know and I think I’d like to be proactive about keeping myself safe…although there is always the possibility of my shooting myself. Anyway, what kind of a small gun would you recommend for an older woman who doesn’t know jack about guns? I don’t want a “Dirty Harry” gun, just something that I can use for protection.

Also, when they do a background check on someone who wants to buy a gun, would they reject someone who had a drug conviction (felony) back in 1971? Just wondering…like I’ve said, there are things I did in my youth for which I am not proud.


I’m not sure on the felony charge. That sucks.

I would recommend a Judge but I’m not sure because I would be afraid that it might hurt your hands to shoot one. I have never fired one but someone here probably has. Anyways, a lot of women use those to defend themselves. Basically it’s a revolver that shoots 410 shotgun shells and disperses the shot really well so it’s point and shoot.

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BOP: I thought you mean a courtroom Judge!!! I thought, “Why the heck would I want to consult with a Judge???” I guess I’m pretty clueless when it comes to stuff like this!

Yeah, I made some really, REALLY bad choices when I was younger–not proud of any of them. Unfortunately, this particular “choice” has haunted me my whole life. Can’t get away from a felony conviction. I watched that video and it looks like it may be more gun than I need. But, thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to do some further research on this. Thanks again!


No problem! The reason that the gun is so good is because of the spread, which means that you don’t have to have that great of aim in a bad situation where adrenaline is flowing. What’s worse, a broken wrist or death?

My experience is that I’m from Oklahoma so there is a definite weapon culture here haha. I think Jstang would be a good help as well, as much as I disagree with him then I can’t help but feel a little southernly camraderie for being so close.


Actually, I think I’m going to look into the Judge more. If it is easy to use, maybe that’s the way to go. I hope I’m doing the right thing…:awkward:


Ha well I would hold off and wait for more opinions for sure. Sig Sauer makes a pistol called the Mosquito and it’s for women, really small pistol that is I believe a .22


Great! I’ll check it out. Thanks again, BOP! And no, I’m not going to make a decision right away. Plus, I think it would be important to take some kind of a gun class, too. Even with a class, I’ll probably wind up shooting myself…


CT; pepper spray or mace or a combination thereof. I am not anti-gun but with a lack of experience with one, the felony conviction, My best advise is stay away from what you are not familiar with. Pepper Spray is the best protection, and staying away from sinister looking areas and don’t be where you don’t really belong is the best defense. Don’t go places alone if at all possible.


To be honest, I don’t know how realistic a gun would be in a scenario where there are no warning signs. I mean if someone is following you then you could probably use on or if someone is breaking in but if they just pop around the corner then reaching for one might just get you killed.


Might investigate the use of a stungun, now sure how available they are and here again inexperience may be a factor.


Didn’t think of that! Pepper spray? Where does one get that? What about a stun gun…I suppose that’s no good because I’d have to get real close to the person to use it. Yeah…pepper spray sounds better! Thanks NJC!!


Yeah…maybe pepper spray like NJC recommended might be better. Thanks anyway!


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Pepper Spray is your best choice. You have no right to a firearm anymore…Federal Law. You could work with a lawyer to get the record expunged based on time passed and good conduct…but that is a long and expensive process. Go with the pepper spray.


Yeah…like I said, that bad choice has followed me around my whole life. If only I had known… :awkward:


Assuming your felony was non-violent you can get your gun rights restored relativity simply depending on the state you were convicted and there a plenty of pro-2nd lawyers who like to help on this sort of thing again depending on the state.

If you are honestly worried about your life I would carry anyways and just worry about the legality if you have to use it (BOP’s suggestion of the judge is good IMO), if its more about piece of mind I would go with a knife or stun gun.

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Agreed 100% You need to get your record cleared up before purchasing a firearm.


And then take a gun safety course.


Crud, I didn’t see this thread until I posted on the other one; so I’ll just C&P from there and add and edit a little.

If you’re still open to the idea of a gun, a pistol chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge isn’t the worst way to go. It’s no powerhouse, but it’s more tame and doesn’t blow the crap out of your eardrums as badly as more powerful cartridges do. It’s mainly found in compact pistols, but it might be worth looking around for a larger and heavier (albeit uncommon) example, both to keep it tame and (relatively) quiet (longer barrels aren’t as loud as shorter ones). The longer barrel also gives you a little more power (because the bullet has more time to accelerate before it’s out of the the barrel) and a little easier aiming.

All depends on whether you think it’s something you’re prepared to work with. What you might do is go somewhere to an indoor range where you can rent a pistol to try out, remembering (among a lot of other things) that you won’t be wearing hearing protection in a real emergency.

As to the felony conviction, what others have said. Can you vote? If so, it may already be cleared. But you should check and make sure. If it isn’t, the only thing you can do is try to clear it (I imagine that means petitioning a judge; not sure at what level, but I’m guessing state).


Yes, I can vote although I couldn’t while I was on probation. I haven’t even attempted to see if it has cleared. I was told I needed an attorney to do that, but that was many years ago. I’ve had criminal background checks (you need one to be able to work in a school or around children) numerous times and have never had a problem, but I wasn’t sure if it was because the felony had nothing to do with violence or child abuse or if it was because the conviction was so long ago. I’ve also had a criminal background check just the past month for the apartment. So, I’m not sure what the status is of the conviction. I wouldn’t know how to find out, either. It was a felony conviction for selling marijuana to an undercover cop–who my moronic boyfriend at the time introduced to me. UGH!! I was so STUPID back then…