Question about Nunes memo?


If you agree with the release of the memo IN THE WAY IT’S BEEN DONE, mind answering a few questions?

How can you be upset about “classified information” in Clinton emails, but not be upset about possible classified information in the Nunes memo?

Are you ok with all the cloak and dagger surrounding its release? Can you say with a straight face that you’d be ok if this were going on and Democrats were doing it?

Why won’t Nunes release the information to the Senate intelligence committee?

Why not let the intelligence community brief the committee and answer questions in a closed session before voting to release? (sounds like the chairman doesn’t want Pubs to have all the facts)

If this is about transparency, why not let Dems release their own statement? Again, if Dems were suppressing Pubs the same you would be ok with it?

Don’t you find it a bit ironic that a little more than a year ago Nunes didn’t support a provision that would outlaw the federal government’s routine collection of American citizens’ electronic information: emails, text messages, photos, etc? Now he’s all up in arms about it.

Having said that…

The Nunes memo is an interpretation of classified intelligence that was used to get authorization to snoop on Page. But it’s not the intelligence itself. So if we’re willing to acknowledge that part of the motivation to release the memo is to protect Trump, we have to acknowledge that this memo is probably not going to tell the whole story.

Do not take this as a demand to keep the memo secret. We should see the memo. We should see the Democrats’ memo. And at some point, we should be able to see the underlying intelligence.

Note that Trump, as the president of the United States, has wide authority to arrange for the declassification and release of this intelligence information that supposedly has been misapplied in order to snoop on him and undermine his presidency. That little detail doesn’t seem to capture as much attention. The Nunes’ memo is one step removed from being able to see what the FBI actually presented.

Again, this is not a demand for less transparency, but for more. We shouldn’t settle for the perspective of people who have an obvious interest in shielding the president.


Nice try at pooh-poohing the memo before it’s released for public scrutiny. However, it’s being declassified in exactly the way it’s SUPPOSED to be according to the law. When you read it, if you don’t believe what it says, you’re free to poke holes in it…if you can. The Democrats didn’t even generate THEIR “memo” until AFTER they’d been informed of the committee’s intention to make it public. Otherwise, they’d never have generated theirs. It was designed to deny the facts in the GOP’s memo and cast doubt on it’s veracity. Now the FBI says that the memo is wrong. LOL. That’s as if the FBI should be allowed to “investigate” itself, which EVERYONE knows is pure, unadulterated BS. In the Summer of 1974, I was admitted to the FBI’s police academy at Quantico; a school designed to teach local police FBI techniques and methods. The FBI in those days enjoyed a reputation for integrity. No longer. MOST FBI people are decent, good LEOs, but the hierarchy has squandered that reputation…probably for good.


They are following the law and accepted procedure which Clinton disregarded. Without objection from the President it is within the power of the Intelligence Committee to release this. The President is reportedly consulting with DOJ and FBI to evaluate their objections. The President has the final decision, He can declassify ANYTHING he chooses. If the situation as to political parties were completely reversed, the Democrats would just leak the memo to CNN or the NYT.

Please specify what you mean by cloak and dagger. I am unaware.

The information obtained to date from these agencies has been like pulling teeth. They have frequently stonewalled, delayed and practiced outright deception with the Committee’s investigation. Enough is enough.

They have not ruled out releasing it at a future date. The Democrat memo was thrown together last minute by Adam Schiff a proven ultra-partisan liar. It deserves internal scrutiny first.

Many, many Americans have, like Nunes, changed their opinion on this form of intelligence gathering. I have opposed it for years. I will grant that it makes it easier to combat terrorism. We punish the innocent and coddle the guilty. It’s a f-ing war. Treat it like such. In total war there are innocent victims of the destruction of enemy forces. Schools, hospitals and places or worship were destroyed in Tokyo, Dresden, Hiroshima… They don’t have 4th amendment or due process rights; We the People DO.

My understanding is that many on the Committee favor the release of the underlying documents and testimony. Realistically this is a much more complex and time consuming task. I hope that it happens.

The fact is that “shielding the president” is actually coincidental for some GOP members of the Committee who are not 100% on board with the President. They are genuinely concerned with the rule of law and the political weaponization of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Any other questions?


Listening to Representative Mark Meadows on Lou Dobbs just now. He reports that the DOJ and FBI could not find any factual inaccuracies in the Nunes Memo. He also indicated that he would support release of the Schiff memo once it has been purged of factual inaccuracies. My guess, based on Schiff’s track record, is that there wouldn’t be much left of it.


“The FBI is where truth goes to die.” Lou Dobbs 1-31-18


This is a memo about a FISA request written by Republican staff members working for a Republican-led House Intelligence Committee about an investigation by a Republican Special Prosecutor who was appointed by a Republican Deputy Attorney General, who was himself appointed by the sitting Republican President, looking into an FBI investigation initiated by an FBI head who is a registered Republican and who was first appointed by a Republican president, the memo which the current Republican President and Republican-led House of Representatives have complete power to release anytime they want, even though the release of which is now being cast as “reckless” by the same Republican-led Department of Justice? That “FISA memo?”

After all the complaints of bias, it’s a good thing the Republicans have avoided any perception of bias, right?


But wait, Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray, (and one other Trump appointee whose name escapes me), who all object to the release of the memo, are all part of a Democratic plot, right?

These are people TRUMP appointed, but none of this is his responsibility, right?


Having said that…

The memo has to do with a 90 day extension of a warrant previously in effect for years and extended routinely through the Obama and Trump administrations. The subject of the warrant, Carter Page, was dealing with 3 Russian agents, spies, two of which escaped the country and one of which was actually prosecuted. Do you think maybe the judges who signed all those warrants had a good reason?

And why would anyone pick a single warrant in an entire chain involved in a successful criminal prosecution? Ask Devin Nunes, who published the memo. He admits he didn’t read the underlying documents and had the memo prepared by staff. He also blocked publication of a critical memo. Why not look at the whole picture?

It’s ironic listening to people complain about fake news. Where do you think it comes from? Irresponsible people promoting all this innuendo floating around. Who does it hurt? The FBI, one of the most respected agencies in the world, which protects us every day (and the DOJ). Could it be to apply pressure and besmirch their status? Now, who would want to do that?

This group sees political motivations only when they benifit the left, but when it’s the right, it’s comply ignored.

Let’s see what happens.


The swamp is bipartisan, there are plenty of Republicans in it.Trump’s biggest mistake was the appointment of Jeff Sessions and the subsequent loss of control over the DOJ as a result of the insane Russia recusal allowing the appointment of a special counsel chasing nonexistant coverup of a fantasy crime. At least with Watergate there was an underlying crime and coverup. Please don’t talk about an independent, political free DOJ. Remember:

“I’ll still be Barack Obama’s wingman.” Eric Holder as Attorney General.

He never let his President down.


@TheOnion nailed it.

“FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies”


Whoever told you that there were no putative “Republicans” occupying the swamp? There are “Republicans” and then there are “Republicans.” Congressman Ryan is one sort and Congressman Langston is another. Some are intent on ferreting out and ending waste, fraud and abuses and others are intent on preventing the ending of waste, fraud and abuses in government. Some think their primary purpose is to protect anyone with an “®” next to their name and others think that their purpose is to expose those who use the government for self-enrichment REGARDLESS of what letter follows their name and title.

If ANYONE in the FBI or DOJ applied for a FISA warrant using that phony “dossier” as justification, in whole or in part, they need to be wearing an orange jumpsuit in the greybar hotel ASAP. That’s a CLEAR violation of the law and carries a 10-year sentence–which ought to be MANDATORY.


As I said, Cater Page was associated with 3 men where were known to be Russian Spies, two escaped back to Russia and the other was convicted and sentenced to jail. My guess, as I haven’t seen the underlying intelgence, is that’s probably what it’s related too.

As far as Republicans, where did I say there were no “Republicans occupying the swamp”. I was just pointing out that whatever is going on, is almost entirely made up of Republicans and three of Trump’s handpicked appointments. For a guy who “surrounds himself with the best people”, he sure has a lot of problems with the people he picks.

I guess that’s a no to a wager, huh?


To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh today:

If Carter Page or Donald Trump or Donald Jr or Melania or Baron did any of this horrible treasonous stuff why would the FBI care if anyone knew how they got the information?

The FBI and Mueller got this :this smiley is not available on a family forum:


Actually, NOT. The actual truth of the matter is that all of these people in the FBI/DOJ were working there under the OBAMA Administration. They believed the propaganda that Hillary was a shoo-in for the Presidency and wanted to KEEP their jobs when the administration changed, so they soft-pedaled the investigation into her malfeasance and criminality, hoping to gain her favor thereby. That included Comey. Late in the election campaign, it became POSSIBLE that she might actually lose–at least to the LA Times and a few others. He popped up with that SECOND announcement, thinking to cover his back IF the “unthinkable” actually happened and Trump won.


I can’t be sure if the Momo gives away sources and methods. I’m, inclined to believe that it does not. I think the problem is that the Nunesmemo is a political document that cherry-picks information in order to create a narrative favorable to Trump, I believe that’s the issue.

What’s going to happen is the Nunes memo will be released, (most) Trump supporters will go crazy, the mainstream will correct the factual inaccuracies and omissions, but (most)Trump supporters isolate themselves from information that disagrees with their point-of-view. In the off chance that they hear ideas that conflict, they equivocate, attack the message, use words like “deep state” all in an attempt to deny the obvious.

Look at PapaD,

Except, the people in question, Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, Muller, are all either Republicans or voted for Republicans and/ or were appointed by Trump or were appointed by a Trump appointee.

Even Comey, he is a Republican, he’s not a democratic stooge.

Because it could potentially give away sources and methods., But as said, I have a feeling it’s not what’s in the memo that is a problem, rather what not in the memo.

From what I’ve seen, the dossier was not used as primary justification for FISA warrants. The FBI had their own investigations into people like Manafort, Gates and Page before the Dossier was turned over to the FBI.

Why is that so surprising? The Dems memo addresses the Nunes memo point-by-point explaining the omissions in the Nunes memo.

Remember that a FISA warrant isn’t a 5-page doc. It’s usually around 60 pages long. You want me to believe that Nunes captured the entire context of the FISA warrant on Page in a 4 page doc? Please, don’t make me laugh.

The Nunes memo is a political hit piece and it will be exposed for what it is, just like the last time Nunes, Trump’s stooge in Congress, did the same thing.

Old Dog, how are you feeling about the Dems chances in the midterms?

How would you or Papa explain the Dem surge is statehouses?

Democrats flipped two Republican-held state legislative seats – one in Oklahoma, one in New Hampshire – that Donald Trump carried in the 2016 election.

That makes six turnovers from Republican to Democrat in contested state House and Senate races so far in 2017 – and 26 out of 35 races (at the state legislative and congressional level) in which the Democratic nominee has overperformed Hillary Clinton’s showing last November.

Republicans have yet to flip a single seat.

What about Virginia? Flipping 15 seats?


Yea, “sources and methods”, that has a nice ring to it. THAT’S THE POINT OF THE MEMO!!!

  1. Fake sources.

  2. Felonious methods.


Actually I am holding out hope that the 9th Circus Court issues a last minute restraining order on the House Intelligence Committee; followed the next day by impeachment hearings on them.


Do you know all the sources?

Do you know all of the methods?

DO you know that other sufficient justification didn’t exist??


If it existed it would have been leaked long ago. The swamp would do anything to move closer to the goal post: remove the President. In any event anything found subsequent to the warrant is fruit of the poisonous tree.

I almost forgot, other sources were from news media reports BASED ON THE FAKE DOSSIER. As far as “other methods”, that doesn’t matter there were clearly felonies involved in the FISA application.


Again, just another guess.

So will the far right.

And that makes it all ok?

Who are you trying to convince, me or you?

I don’t know, and neither do you.