Question about Nunes memo?


Few thoughts…

First, the Memo states that the investigation into Page was OPENED in July of 2016.

If someone in the Justice Department applied for a FISA warrant to spy on Page in July, why isn’t that claim in the “memo”? Rep Gowdy has seen all of the information as well as Nunes staffers if that’s true, why didn’t they include that?

That’s a big strike against whatever source you are getting information from.

This according to the Wall St. Journal:

That fall [October], the Justice Department requested a secret court order to monitor Mr. Page’s ties to Russia, using as part of its request information from Mr. Steele, according to people familiar with the matter. It isn’t clear whether the department had previously requested a FISA warrant on Mr. Page, who left the Trump campaign in September amid reports about his ties to Russia.

This was written a day before the “memo” was released to the public.

So what is your source and how do you explain the fact that this information isn’t included in the Nunes memo? Perhaps because they knew it never happened?

I’ll admit I don’t know this for a fact, so I will retract the claim as, at this point, unknowable given the information you and I are privies too.


Nonsense. He’s KNOWN to have been “desperate that Trump not become President.”


Do you think it’s possible that Steel learned how incredibly compromised Trump is with respect to the Russians? How do you think a former agent that worked for the US’ #1 ally should feel if he perceives a threat to the office of the US President?

No, never mind, that’s never occured to you.


The FBI itself FIRED Steele as being “unreliable.”


Did you hear that on Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh?


It’s in the Senate’s memorandum…or did you just skip over it?


The Senate’s Memoradum?


The Grassley-Graham memo. Didn’t you READ it?