Question for vets


My father was in the army artillery during WWII and had been in Germany, England, Italy and Japan during the war. He never talked much about his experiences during WWII. He passed away in 1977 and I never got a chance to really sit down and ask him about his service experiences.

How would I go about getting a report on where he was during his stint in the Army and what he was doing and when? Would I contact the local Army recruiting office? I sure would love to get that information if it is possible. Any suggestions?


RWNJ’s Father, RHMorgan on this site, used to do alot of work with helping vets with VA benefits. Much of that centered on obtainig service records. He could probably point you in the right direction.


He hasn’t been around here in a long time, though. He might come to answer that question, though.


How would I go about contacting him?


He’s also on Facebook; maybe one of us could contact him there. I don’t think I’m “friends” with him there, but I’ve seen him around, and I am friends with his daughter, Sonja, who is also a member here.


Uhhhh…I don’t do Facebook. I actually have an account, but I can’t figure out how to use it. It just seems like a waste of time… Maybe I should contact RWNJ?


That might be the quickest way.


If you have a local VFW (“Veterans of Foreign Wars”) , they may be able to help. Ask them. I’d be interested to hear what they say


Thanks! I’ll do that on Monday and let you know.


And if the VFW doesn’t pan out, you might try the American Legion. I think the American Legion might have more posts and resources then the VFW.


Thanks again, Bobjam!