Question Of The Day


As most of you are aware, Democrat politicians across the nation are beginning a rather outspoken campaign to allow illegals to vote - in fact, many Democrat controlled municipalities and more than a few counties already allow illegals to cast ballots in local elections.

Question Of The Day: If Democrats truly oppose foreigners meddling in our elections - supposedly the point of 2+ years of Democrat Party inspired investigation/perpetual and ever continuing media blitz of an alleged Trump/Russia election conspiracy - then why do they think it’s OK for illegals to vote?

I shake my head in wonderment why Republicans don’t ask the question.


They support it because they think that the vast majority of South American illegal immigrants will vote Democrat. So long as foreigners vote Democrat, they don’t care. The Russian thing is just a straw man for them.


The real question is why the Republicans don’t shove it in their face. I’m guessing some want open borders to suppress wages, some just hate Trump intensely and some are just cowards,


Of course Sendgop and OD, you are both correct. The question I posed is a critical one - one that should be thrust up the butt of every Democrat by Repubs, as it renders self evident the utter BS of the last 2+ years and sheds light on the electoral goals of Democrats.

As for why Repubs don’t make this simple, easily understood point and call out Dems in front of the American people, I frankly have no idea. Stupidity, I guess.


Paul Ryan wanted to keep wages low for the people who financed him. He was a short sighted politician who never understood why he was elected or sold out to the special interests.


It’s been answered, but because the illegals are voting for the “right” (left) party…