I haven’t heard anything lately on the Benghazi debacle. Anyone else hear anything? What is happening with this? Are the msm just going to let the murder of 4 Americans and the complicity of BO and Rod-em fade away into the sunset? What’s happening?? We can’t just forget about this. What can be done?


Write yo representatives and senator


Yo! I’d like a little quicker response than I would get from them! :slight_smile:


Haha go to DC :slight_smile:


Nah…D.C. would just give me the usual rhetorical shuffle dance… Hmmmm? Where to go next?


The UN in NYC? The ICC at The Hague?


It generally takes six weeks for a letter to hit a Senator or Representative’s desk. It’s not really their fault. The fault is mostly due to changes that were made when the Anthrax scare hit, so now each and every piece of mail is scanned, and then some.

However, if you have a decent Rep, he/she WILL respond. I’m not all that keen on our new Rep. (Womack), but I was awfully fond of Boozeman who always responded to my letter personally. Yes, sometimes it was a postcard, but never, ever did he respond w/a ‘form letter.’ Something that always pleased me about that guy.

Anyway, if you take the time to send a hand-written letter, most any decent Represenative will do the same in return.
*Hand-written = most notice.
*Type-written = 2nd notice.
*e-mail = Maybe
*Social networks = Good luck.

In any case, it is very worth your while to write to your Representatives. You’ll learn more about them by their responses than you could ever learn from any news network.


Emails are responses within a few days from my reps and senators


That’s excellent to hear! I guess the times, they are a-changin’.
It’s hard for us older folk to keep up with them.


Ok…I’ll give it a whirl! I’m just curious as to why we haven’t heard anything on Benghazi lately.


I E-mailed Obama about the indefinite detention without charge last winter and never got a response. :frowning:

Your reps and senators are usually more responsive, though. I’ve wrote to mine at least four times, and they’re always friendly. Especially representatives, YOU are the person their jobs depend on.


He indefinitely detained your courier.