Questions to Bernie Sanders


Questions to Bernie Sanders

I like Charlie Rose’s program very much; I watch it and learn from it, nearly every weekday.
On October 26, during an interview with Charlie Rose, Bernie Sanders agitated for tuition-free public universities, for raising minimum wage, etc. How can a moral person disagree with such proposals? But his agitation for social justice via a progressive socialist revolution against the top one percent of American private property owners scared me. It reminded me of Lenin’s agitation agains injustice in Russia, and of a Polish revolutionary song “Burzhujow do pracy zagnamy.” My father, a Polish communist, also believed that the only way to eliminate social injustice was to destroy capitalism. But he was arrested in Moscow, and sent to a Gulag camp, where he died, two years later, at the age of 36.

My questions to Sanders, if I had a chance of interviewing him, would be different from those asked by Charlie. I want to know what Sanders thinks about proletarian dictatorship, and and how he plans to avoid Gulag-like camps in America.

Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D,

See “Diary of a Former Communist,” at:

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Yes it would definitely be interesting because we know you lived under the yoke of communism versus Sanders who is pushing for what he thinks is Utopia. Your questions would be more pertinent and reveal more information rather than the milksop responses of want to be communists. But alas I think we will see the usual in that those pushing communism will not interact with those who lived or are living under it. Thank you.


It will be - “Oh, the ‘right people’ were not in charge. If the ‘right people’ were in charge, it will work just fine.”


[quote=“Susanna, post:3, topic:47596”]
It will be - “Oh, the ‘right people’ were not in charge. If the ‘right people’ were in charge, it will work just fine.”
[/quote]Yep that is their usual response. Apparently real history escapes them. They just do not want to hear their dreams put to practical use and see the results.


People who support such systems have almost never lived in one.