Quit Locking The Threads

Threads start. And sometimes they sway off topic. That’s the nature of the beast on internet discussion groups.
But is that a good reason to cut off a discussion by locking the thread?
I can understand if it gets into a bitchy name-calling flame war. But to lock a thread just because it swayed a bit off topic?
Controlled moderation historically stymies discussion groups.

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Swayed a bit off topic? “Pope Francis Says Climate Change Is Mostly Man’s Fault” has become pages of pointless discussion of evolution by people who are never going to change their opinions on either side of the argument. There are many many other examples. So open a thread on evolution already.

So do you want those threads closed too?

I’m not sure what threads you’re referring to. I locked an intro thread because it’s generally better to keep heated debate out of the intro forum. We don’t really have a problem with thread drift. There are times when a thread gets poisoned, sometimes deliberately. Can you be specific as to what threads you’re talking about?

We don’t often lock threads. When I do, it’s usually so I can review the thread that a complaint has been issued on, or if one becomes a bickering thread and I feel cool down time is needed. In both cases, the threads are usually reopened after a few hours.

My practice is similar to Dn’s: temporary closure for clean-up or cool-down; permanent closure when the blast damage from bomb-tossing is too great and the bomb-tossers are likely to toss more; permanent closure or deletion for spam threads. Aside from spam threads I probably didn’t close as many as a half dozen threads all last year, though I didn’t keep a tally.

There are really relatively few threads closed. I guess someone had a problem with their “debate” being interrupted.

This is the one that Fantasy Chaser closed on the Welcome Thread board with this comment…

***Er, guys and gals, I think it’s time to retire this thread. If you want to talk about DDT causing global warming or ozone emissions from eagles, best start a thread or two in Left vs. Right. I’m locking this one. ***

So what if the thread got off topic? Did someone complain?

This is the second thread FC has closed since I’ve been here that I know of. The other one was MY Welcome thread that I would appreciate it being re-opened.

Sometimes when you give people moderation power, it goes to their head. Some sort of power trip or something.

#ChoppedLiver, the intro threads are not the place where we want to encourage debate. That section of the board is heavily moderated because it’s supposed to be a place where we welcome new members, irregardless of their beliefs. We have had several intro threads devolve into arguments, and generally poor behavior where it was uncalled for. That’s no way to welcome new members, and actually contributed to several leaving after the intro thread. I’m not trying to blame anyone for that, but it’s something that can easily be prevented by keeping the Intro area to welcomes and greetings.

Does that explain things a bit better?

Did anyone other than a moderator complain?

Matters not. The area is for welcomes, not debates. We don’t allow conspiracy theory junk in the News section either.

If you’d like to continue the conversations in your thread, you can start a new thread on that topic. If I can find time, I can try to move the pertinent posts to that thread. I think that can be done. If not, I know I can merge the entire thread with the new one.

Why not just let posters discuss? Over moderation stymies discussion/debate groups.

Have you ever been at a gathering or just with other people discussing something and after a while the conversation is nowhere near what you were first talking about?

Be more like “real life” and the forum will be a lot healthier for it.

Just let people talk and don’t be so controlling about it.

Because, as I’ve already explained…

Here you go: http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f31/consolodated-gmo-discussion-thread-47326/

I’ve moved the discussion here. I am still going through the thread to see if there are any other posts.

I remember an intro thread that got moved, and there was no sniping in it. It just developed into such a fun thread (and a long one) that it didn’t belong in the intro section any more. It was a long time ago; I suspect it was moved to the Cigar Lounge. Remember Yin (Forget the Truth)? It was her intro.

If I am think about the right one it was a fun thread. I sometimes miss the old RO gang.

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Yeah, some of them left because they got a life (Yin was one of those). Others just lost interest and drifted away. When I first started posting on an internet discussion board, I figured I’d post until the novelty wore off. Been nearly 12 years now, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off, although I’ve been getting rather bored with the political stuff, because it’s just the same-old, same-old - a lot of it newbies coming around to “straighten us out” about the things we have debunked too many times to count.

I started on RO in 2005, shortly after it started up. In those days - and for quite some time - 20 new posts in a day amounted to a big day. I was also currently posting on CU - which I left after gator kept tampering with my screen name and my sig, and had been reading my emails. (The latter not proven, but strange things were happening with my emails - and with other peoples’ emails also - they would disappear, and then return later - and the problem ceased when it was aired on the site, with the suggestion that someone was reading our emails). It wasn’t long after that - or maybe just shortly before, or about the same time, that FC joined RO.

RO is much better, CU was rampant with foul language, including from the admin (gator).

I with you on the bored part. I still love the site but as you can see my post come far and between. Mostly it is life’s fault. Between work, school and my volunteering I barely have time to form a coherent though. I enjoy reading the threads though.