Quiz thread!

I’m sure I just posted this, but it didn’t appear so I’ll try again.

Basically, I’ll start the ball rolling by asking a trivia question, the first person to get it right asks the next question (if anyone wants to take part that is!).

Which large country has no rivers, no railways and fewer than 50 miles of paved roads?

Saudi Arabia?

What is the leading farm product grown in North Dakota? This one is easy!

Little baby farmers???


What is the USA leading export product?

Hmm. We’ve not quite got a hand of the rules here but no matter. :slight_smile:

Saudi Arabia is a very good guess given that they have no rivers, but it’s not the right answer.

Another clue: It’s the 12 largest country in the World.

As for the USA’s leading export, automobiles?


Bravo Psyclist. Feel free to ask a question if you have one.

Sorry; Try again!


No; Try Again! think hi-tech!

Airplanes? We do export a lot of those.

Civilian aircraft is 2nd

Military, then? I don’t know about the present, but in the past, our only competitor for numbers was the Soviet Union, and they collapsed…

You certainly have good trys, but think high tech electronics.

Haven’t a clue. I don’t have the foggiest idea what the U.S. exports in what quantity electronicwise.

Surprised me too! Semiconductors

Based on 2007; 2008 is not compiled yet:

Top American Exports in 2007: Leading USA Products Include Semiconductors and Civilian Aircraft

I guess not surprising considering Silicon Valley!

I’ve got another one - the answer to which might be quite surprising.

Which country has the highest crime rate per capita?