Race Equality

I reject critical race theory. I think outside of the police and courts, society doesn’t favor one race or the other, at this exact point in our history, in my state. We used to have a city that was 78% black, now it’s 75% it was a redlined area called Muskegon Heights. The black population is declining the white population is increasing, white sex offenders, white felons, white heroin addicts, are replacing productive people of color who are leaving for more economically desirable areas. So at this point, I never thought I’d see white boys living in the hood, but you can mess up so bad here that you find yourself with no one to rent to you outside of the area. That number of white folk with no where else to go keeps increasing each decade according to the census data. I’m tired of everyone being punished for what the politicians, cops and courts did to black folk. They wrote laws and enforced them primarily on people of color. I notice in the heights there are 5 officers per hundred people but out in the country there is 1 officer per 1000 people. We need to set a quota of how many officers constitutes an open air prison. What you see about the south side of Chicago is worse in Muskegon heights because it was created as a red line. 11 murders in a city with 11k.

Can you link to something that best defines what you mean when you say CRT?

That’s simply false. There are too many instances to cite of blacks being more likely to be punished for certain crimes, receive longer sentences, fail to receive quality council and the list goes on. Even when accounting for backgrounds and criminal records we see a disparity between blacks and whites.

And don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting there are racist judges and cops who are card-carrying members of the KKK, but the system itself has bais’ with a racial component that is built-in.

The problem IMO, is that solutions haven’t looked at the root of the problem, rather something much higher up.

That may be true in Muskegon, but not in the US as a whole.

Move before the white people come for you

Bro I don’t live in the heights. Gonna be real all of Muskegon county is people not fit for the Posh Lake area. It’s like the Racine of Michigan, buncha bums on the lake. I’m like in the Shady Suburbs north of the city… posh ghetto like where Eminem would buy a house to vacation in. I don’t gotta worry about anything except Swedes who became Rednecks and listen to too much Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent, you don’t wanna punch those dudes they smell bad and your fist will stink. Almost got in a fight with the mail man, my cousin did, I was gonna go back him up but he had stuff under control.

Whatever the people here think it is, it’s a college course dude, it’s not in schools, but I’m gonna entertain them and just say I’m against that because like. They seem to be gaining steam with it… so piss on the fire while its still small and no one really has any idea. Like unless your running on the west or East coast just pretend to be Anti-CRT in public schools because it isn’t there. It’s like being anti ghosts in public schools its not hard. Be like yeah CRT should be for college students woo, cause it already is.

And high school at this point.

But it is, because it’s apart of the pedagogy.

Specifically, its in Fairfax County Virginia where I used to go to school, thanks to an organization called “One Fairfax”.

Call it “applied CRT” if you like, but it’s there, and the dep of education in VA calls it best practice.

Semantics is not a good look.

I just found out what CRT is, so they use a simpler version of it in Highschool. What are you afraid of telling people the truth? Do you feel its a lie that systemic racism exists? Do you feel that’s best saved for college? Do you think schools should argue multiple factors for black poverty? I feel like anything that says “Black People Had it Rough In History” is what could be cut out of history because anything that drives that narrative could be called CRT.

We’re divided into oppress and oppressors, equality is a lie, and making kids hate each other is a good thing?

Again, if this was just about teaching history, that be one thing ( so long as it’s not the 1619 project kind, which is also in schools). Same if this was just critique.

It’s the prescription that is toxic. Telling one group of kids they can’t possibly advance, telling others that they are morally corrupt.

This is harmful to them and it’s cheating the debate by trying to condition kids into believing it.

So play up the 14th when talking about solutions to racism. Say it’s a long Moral Arch.
Both the 1619 and 1776 project are flawed. I wish I could show you my 20th century History Text book I felt it did history justice. Then Texas starting demanding text books cut out all the stuff that made the southern states look bad back in 2007. Regardless of what school teaches them the streets will teach them. Then your gonna have a bunch of white kids that have no idea what black folk go through. These broad bills in Arizona Texas and other Red states almost forbid the mention of Race Relations in History or Sociology.

If that’s what CRT really is, it doesn’t appear to be, then I don’t own that. Did you see that thing from Bill Maher I posted attacking the Squad? I feel like the GOP is using this moment to white wash text books like they have been doing since the bush years. I heard my own pastor mention the only way to solve racism was not talk about it. I just dropped flat ok… like I wanted to have a word with him. That’s when I realized I needed a new church. It was about that time the 4 or 5 black folk there quit going. You guys are like hella stupid when it comes to race.

You mean the 1776 commission, or actual history?

The 1619 project tried to invoke Neo-Confederate historical narratives to cement it’s case that America was of and for slavery: narratives that were discredited over a century ago.

It’s a bad actor, citing past bad actors.

It is, and it’s trying to be passed off as something else;

Equally, if it’s not anything to be concerned about, then it’s curious how strongly people wish to deny it being present; calling mentioning it a “racist dog whistle”.

Maybe, but they didn’t fire the first shot here.

If you don’t want these things going berserk, perhaps they shouldn’t be provoked.

The Commission, My PW to my safe uses a variation of 1776.

Yeah but whitewashing is not a proper response you need draft language. “No School Or Public Educational system that teaches k-12 may tell students they are less likely to succeed on the color of their skin” Nor may they tell them they are “Oppressors” as we firmly believe in the future of mankind to be moving toward inclusivity. No Texas/Arizona went so far so vague the courts gonna knock it down on a 1st amendment basis.

I would counter with this…


Critical Race Theory is not the suggestion that things should be equal, rather understanding certain racial disparities and trying to explain why. I see NO problem with that.

That does not mean that there aren’t good explanations for the disparities, CRT simply tries to explain those disparities.

Here is a study about black and white basketball players.

Black players in the NBA have 30% greater odds of leaving the league in any given season than white players who have equivalent performance on the court, a new study finds.

Now, I didn’t read it, so I don’t know the reason, but if CRT were applied CRT to this question, the result would be to try to understand the reasons why. There might be a perfectly rational explanation, there might not. In the cases the reasons can be traced to legal or cultural inequity (not inequality), CRT should tell us what those reasons are.

I don’t see the problem.

If schools are telling little white children they should give 1/2 their lunch money to the little black kids, that’s not CRT, but it might be what some people are calling CRT.

The party of Lincoln (HAHAHA yeah…) wants to ignore race, it doesn’t track with it’s southern rural strategy. They know they will be minorities in states where their grandfathers held slaves. They are doing everything in their power to double down on white washing, and vote culling. It’s the great last stand of the confederacy don’t even bother arguing with them. These are people with 0-10 years left on the planet. This is the generation that soiled their pants to avoid nam (Google Nugent Deferral). Then doubled down on Reganomics, screwed up the deficit, and built China into what it is today. If you were a hippie in 68 and are now, you’re not part of the problem. If you stood for Tibet in the 90s, your not part of the problem. CSBROWN Just don’t double down on white shaming that kills us -5 in the polls. I’m hoping they don’t overplay their cards and push Moderates, Liberals and Progressives into the hands of Fringe SJW/Communist types. We overplayed our cards in the Obama years and they went into the hands of the ALT-Right.

That might be true, but that’s not AlaskaSlim.

He’s a libertarian outlier who wants to legalize DMT. That won’t fly with any national party for 20+ years. I’m talking about the neo-confedererate types 60+. I just swear I hope he’s not a Colorado Spring Yuppie, I can really see that. That’s the last thing the world needs. Alaska_slim will drop the WhiteWashing when the party becomes more diverse. Like they Said we had an issue in the 60s with Byrd… even he renounced it the rest moved GOP. Race is our original sin. England’s original sin is expansionism they rue the day they were forced to give up their colonies.

This is the Nu-Yuppie right Gavin Mcginnes

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The reason for more minorities being incarcerated has less to do with racism than it does with the percentages and money!
LOOK at the FBI stats site!
12% of a minority committing the majority of violent crimes!

The other problem with our “justice” system is … Money!

More non-minorities are able to hire better lawyers.
Paid for attorneys are a heck of a lot more likely to keep you out of jail than an overworked, overloaded Public Defender!

I think you’re kinda proving CRT’s point. Take out a visa never pay it back use same visa to retain lawyer the way we break the law is just different. Actually public pretenders save you a lot of money hire them to do the easy work and when they have all the affidavits ready request a copy and take them to a paid lawyer, file a motion of continuance and then let your new lawyer get familiar with the case that you paid the retainer on.

Up for banning private defense? I think the 1st amendment is gonna have a hard time with that. Thing about the GOP it talks alot about reducing government it gets power starts a war on drugs, wastes money on losing 3 wars in a row, and gives a pharmacy bail out with medicare part D. Runs the deficit up like it’s not gonna be paid back… I mean. I know you care about the Race issue as much as Reagan you will pay lip service and offer no actual solutions.

If you were perpetually broke, and born into a post slavery second class citizenship maybe you’d be pissed off too man. Why Don’t I call my step brother and ask him why he breaks the law… I think his answer would be something along the line would be “Cause that s8ht don’t mean s8ht to me man… what a bunch of white people decided on when I wasn’t there”… Ok Tito but why meth and larceny… “see I need money to buy the drug and the drug is expensive and it keeps me awake so I can keep making legit money too”… those would literally be his answers during a real talk session.

Minorities might have a monopoly on violent crime but when it comes to Kiddy fiddling you get anywhere near the Catholic Church they will kill you for taking all the kids. There was this one Lutheran Pastor got his legs broke touching a catholic boy. So listen you grow up black your dad might break your rib cage, you grow up white your dad might break your hymen.

I had to prove I was in jail for malicious assault & destruction of police property. You know that they just assume a white man is in there for kiddy diddlin. The jail system is racist they just assume cause a white man be in there he did something to a kid. I want a day when a white man can shoot a 45 slug into man across town he don’t like and don’t even really know then we got racial equality. Until then it’s just gonna be a buncha white guys doing time for touching kids.

Not a libertarian, and I want to decriminalize drugs like Portugal did.

It works as policy, it better helps addicts, and leaves the door open to finding out what the Greeks already knew.

Drugs are tools, nothing more, nothing less.

Nah, Session’s generation is done, the current rank and file of the republican party already accepts decriminalization as necessary.

It’s why it happened in Colorado years before California. It wasn’t that CO was “more” liberal than the latter and it still isn’t the case.

I live in Denver, and work for a DoD contractor who does drug tests.

“Minority position” doesn’t really fly, in a world where Joe Rogan is the most popular podcast on the planet. That ship has sailed.

Excuse you? What “white washing” have I done here?

You defended the overbroad laws in Texas and Arizona that essentially banned mentioning race in a historical context. You did so as logical reaction to us firing the first shot with CRT. Do you think it’s cool for politicians to write virtue signaling into law knowing that tax payers will enforce them in a court that will reject them? Drugs as a tool or Marijuana as a tool? I hit 4-aco-dmt, shrooms, pot, spice, opioids years ago. On DMT I saw some dumb stuff just the kind of stuff you see when dreaming because your body confuses the DMT for serotonin and it mixes with the visual and speech parts of your brain. It’s not a tool for anything but dozing out. Its all the same trick, it tunes reality out. I still like things like T-gel, Adrafranil, Tianepatine, because they enhance your body rather than tune it out. My body took a beating in my 20s. I need every edge I can get. It’s great to know our DOD folks are tuning out. Maybe thats why we lost 3 wars in a row or 4 depending on how you view desert storm. I view desert storm as part of the larger Iraqi war.

No I didn’t.

You will now apologize for being wrong. Because you are.

I said, don’t provoke fights. You don’t need CRT for primary school teachers to shed light on history. I gave you an example of a method from the 90s, that does that, without the nonsense about pushing equity.

The Democrats are 90% virtue signaling. That was cheaper than delivering benefits to workers.

So are you speaking from experience? Are you making a bipartisan critique for once?

Yup, it’s no coincidence that all major civilizations evolved with drug use as a ritual.

The only exceptions are in central Africa, which didn’t have a ready supply and thus used village-wide rythmic dancing to set off similar altered states.

Humans have a relationship with drugs that is positively ancient.

You can’t wipe it out (we tried that) so we need to re-discover why the relationship is there.

And rather than the party culture of your generation, I want it by the Jamie Wheel types who know how to do it with utility and results in mind.

He’s already proven it. So yes, these are tools. Just like our ancestors understood.